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From Home To Rome: holiday accommo

From Home To Rome: holiday apartment rentals in the center of Rome

So you’re planning your trip to Rome and trying to find the best apartment and neighbourhood to stay in, huh? You’re probably zooming into the map, trying to understand in which area your accommodation is in. And maybe, you’re just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best as you click on “book now”.

The thing is, when traveling abroad, it’s not just a mere accommodation we’re searching for. And we definitely can’t just “hope for the best”. Regardless of budget, we should all strive for the top. Because believe it or not, our accommodation can either make or break the time we spend in the city we’re visiting.

From Home To Rome: holiday accommo

So how do we find your perfect place to stay in Rome? Maybe you navigate the web like a pro and have an eye for cool accommodations. Maybe you have friends or family who can point you to the right direction. Or better yet, you know a local who knows the coolest places to stay in Rome.

But I have someone even better: I’ve got two Romans, Emanuele and Sara, founders of a leading holiday accommodation agency – FromHomeToRome –  who really know their city. And the best part? Their mission is to completely make you feel welcome in the Eternal City, starting from your accommodation. If you’re searching for a home away from home in the heart of Rome, keep reading, because Emanuele, Sara and their team of locals are your key to the perfect Roman holiday.

From Home To Rome: holiday accommo

From Home To Rome: holiday accommo

From Home To Rome: holiday accommo

Forget trying to choose among all the neighbourhoods of Rome, FromHomeToRome already divides its apartments into Areas. From Piazza di Spagna to the Colosseum and Trastevere, they only list apartments in central locations. And the coolest part? They have accommodations for every budget. From convenient apartments in Trastevere as low as €80 per night all the way to expensive super luxurious penthouses in Piazza di Spagna. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

But From Home To Rome brings something else to the table: passion and great customer-care. They’re not here to just grab your money, hand you the keys and see you at check-out. They make sure your vacation is as unforgettable as possible. With services such as a 24-hour phone line (because let’s face it, who hasn’t lost their keys at 2 in the morning), tailored city guides in each apartment with itineraries and tips on where to eat, a daily cleaning service on request and a staff of Romans ready to organize custom-made experiences in and around Rome, you know you’ll live the Eternal City to the fullest. To put it simply, they’re here to make you feel right at home, away from home.

From Home To Rome: holiday accommo

From Home To Rome: holiday accommo

And to ensure that you get what you want, all of FromHomeToRome‘s apartments are managed in collaboration with the owner of the property, ensuring high standards, quality and a personal touch. Head on over to their website to browse their accommodations, contact them or instantly book your apartment for your perfect Roman Holiday!



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