Julep Bar: the cocktail bar inspired by the spice routes

Julep Bar mixology Rome

Sip expertly mixed cocktails at Hotel De La Ville’s Herbal and Vermouth bar

Julep is an intimate mixology bar on the second floor of the Hotel de la Ville, found in the elegant centro storico neighborhood. The drinks menu is extensive and they specialise in Vermouth with over a hundred varieties. Settle in for a sophisticated evening of live jazz and soul music with expertly mixed cocktails, staying open until one in the morning.

The concept of the bar is inspired by the Spice Routes, the complex network of trade paths which connected the East and West, a place adventurers found themselves as they uncovered the hidden treasures of the world. As you enter the bar you will be presented with a mysterious wooden box containing three sachets of spices labelled: “The Silk Route”, “The Indian Route” and “No.8” referring to the path that lead to the Mediterranean. You are encouraged to engage your senses as you smell and touch these fragrant parcels, depending on your choice the barman will produce a bespoke cocktail to your tastes. Prices are around the €25 mark for cocktails and include ingredients to spark your curiosity like Madagascan vanilla, seedlip, green tea sugar, aloe juice and lemon leaves to name but a few.

Julep Bar mixology Rome

Julep Bar mixology Rome

The decor of Julep is impressionable, with ornate wallpaper reminiscent of a Medici palace. The bright blue of the walls contrasts with the deep red of the velvet upholstery creating a luxurious and cosy ambience perfect for a first date. Julep bar is just the right size to become your new secret spot, a place to go and escape the madness of the city. The bar is made of polished wood with an Ali Baba’s cave of bottles hides behind it providing a real James Bond experience. In a place like this, who knows who you will meet, a lost traveller from the silk road or a Roman seeking refuge.

Julep Bar mixology Rome

To enter the bar, you pass through the print room, where the yellow walls are printed with antique architectural sketches. These images hark back to a time when aristocratic youths would travel through Europe on the Grand Tour cultivating their artistic sensibilities. The nostalgia of this period has seeped through the whole hotel and is particularly prevalent in their evening haunt, Julep.

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This is the place for liquor connoisseurs, challengethe bartender to surprise or impress as you make yourself comfortable amidst the aesthetic surroundings. Imagine yourself in Julep sipping whisky with your father, confiding secrets with a visiting friend, swapping intimacies with a date or claiming time for yourself as the aroma of nutmeg mixes with the live jazz and the magic of the night sweeps you away.

Via Sistina 69, Roma, Lazio, Italia


Via Sistina, 69 (Centro Storico)

Opening Time

Daily 11am – 1am




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