Kubla Khan Restaurant and Bar


Exotic Environment and Eclectic Flavors – Kubla Khan Restaurant and Bar is an exciting new addition to the San Giovanni neighborhood of Rome

With an equal focus on gastronomy and mixology, Kubla Khan combines international dishes with Mediterranean influences and Italian ingredients creating their own unique, hybrid fusion.

With different backgrounds in hospitality (ranging from catering to mixology), partners Valerio Del Grosso, Matteo Roscani, Andrea Malkam, and Francesco Rosati wanted to combine their skills and create something different, finally opening up Kubla Khan in January 2020.


Located in Appio Latino District on the border of San Giovanni neighborhood of Rome, right outside of the Metro station Ponte Lungo, Kubla Khan is the greatest new addition to that area and for those looking for a unique dining and nightlife option in Rome.

Like the poem it’s named after, entering Kubla Khan is like a vision in a dream. With alluring, exotic interiors comprised of hanging lanterns and plants, swivel bamboo chairs and bold, vibrant colors, it’s also one of few true cocktail bars with a full kitchen and restaurant.

Aside from the namesake, the space and philosophy of Kubla Khan Roma are also largely influenced by the words of English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, pushing the boundaries and creating an unimaginable world. And the power of the imagination can be seen in every décor detail, dish and drink.


Fusion cuisine and cocktails

Kubla Khan’s two identities are best illustrated with their food and drink menus, showcasing the creativeness of the restaurant’s kitchen as well as Bar Manager Andrea’s skills behind the counter.

Their eclectic food menu allows you to take a culinary trip around the world, featuring some of the most world-famous dishes but with a twist. The most popular is their Parmigiana Roll of fried Uramaki where you’ll find a homemade Roman Parmigiana and basil emulsion with smoked aubergine puree inside.


Representing the East are the ‘Kubla Rolls’, uramaki sushi, gyoza and bao. And for the Americas: specialty burgers and tacos. There are some interesting internationally-inspired plates, a raw bar featuring carpaccio, sashimi and tartare, a fritti section including almost every country’s version, gourmet Pinsa and a Sweets section comprised of the top desserts from around the globe. All meant for sharing. And during Kubla Khan’s special Degustation Aperitif from 6pm to 8pm you can sample some of their best plates with your drink.


The drinks off their cocktail menu also stay true to the overall Kubla Khan theme. The “Dream List” is an emotive drink menu conjuring up feelings and flavors associated with different parts of the world. Using spirits and select ingredients that can be found in those countries and cultures but also mixing in other influences, such as their ‘Ijirashi’ (Japanese) cocktail of sake, chinotto liquor, green apple and passion fruit. Another signature drink keeping with the Kubla Khan concept is the ‘Great Journey’ made of mezcal, bourbon, scotch whiskey and chocolate bitters, which spans almost every continent.


There’s always something going on at Kubla Khan. From their live events, music and DJ sets ranging from swing, jazz, blues and Rock’n’roll to their special themed events. Just a few of the ongoing and exclusive events they have scheduled: a guest bartender shift every Thursday, an aperitif theme inspired by a country that changes every Tuesday, special Chef themed dinners (next one is November 7th) and other events varying by the occasion and season throughout the year. This month’s theme is Mexico so be sure to mark your calendar for that.

Exotic interiors, flavorful food & drinks and a chill atmosphere with 50 seats indoors as well as outdoor seating, Kubla Khan is the perfect spot for aperitivo, dinner, dopocena drinks – or any occasion really.


Piazza di Ponte Lungo, 1 (San Giovanni)

Opening time

Everyday 6pm-2am


06 8392 1197


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