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Choosing the best location to set up a company is a decision that can finally make or break a business in the early stage of its development. This decision can not be taken lightly, because it has a direct impact on the future of your company. The location can be critical to performance and profitability. Usually, the process of conducting a search for the ideal office is a daunting task. It is perceived to be long and exhausting and can be stressful for the entire team responsible for it. In order to complete this task, entrepreneurs and company owners often face the question of whether to look for an office broker who will be able to help them with this process. Yet, the broker may really add value to the entire rental process, making the potential tenants spend less time and effort on looking for the commercial property for rent. The broker usually knows all the nuances and details that appear to be small and trivial in nature. Yet, small pointers like car parking ratios, inclusion/exclusion of certain taxes, etc. may a compounding effect in the long run. Brokerage companies know the past, can provide tenants with the pieces of advice for the present, and have a sense of the future. 

Counter to popular belief, office brokers’ services are not that expensive. Since a good broker knows the market very well, he or she can easily find that one-and-only commercial property for rent for you which is in the right location, has a fair price and ticks most of the boxes in your ideal office list! 

If you are in search of a reliable partner in the rental process – MatchOffice is at your disposal. MatchOffice is one of the leaders among brokerage companies in the global commercial real estate market. It is an independent and go-to platform for leasing and renting commercial space of all types and sizes. The team of professionals is working in two countries – Denmark and Ukraine and is ready to assist tenants in leasing and rental processes. Client satisfaction is a top priority for MatchOffice, and the people who work in this company do their best to offer clients top-class services. As far as the company deals with the commercial real estate industry all over the world, it has made a long list of websites that cater to the needs of a particular target audience in a particular country. is one of them. Here, you can find and rent any kind of flexible workspace in Italy. Meeting rooms, virtual offices, and coworking space solutions are provided for rent in business centres across the country.  

Why Italy and Why Rome 

Italy is a major economic force in Europe and has an attractive economy for investments. Its economy is the eighth largest in the world, and third-largest in the European Union. While known for its art, food and rich history, Italy also offers businesses well-established infrastructures for R&D, innovation and design and a strong manufacturing base. Italy’s geostrategic location on the map is significant. This location is a strategic logistics centre and a gateway to the European Single Market. In Italy, there are several cities that stand out from the rest as the most favourable locations to set up a shop, especially a startup. This list comprises such names as Milan, Turin, Genoa, Bologna, Naples, Florence, Bari, and, of course, the capital city of Rome. Whatever your destination is, Italy will enhance your business, and make it grow.  

Further, we would like to concentrate your attention on Rome as a business location. Being known as a centre of political life, the capital of Italy is one of the most important trade and business services hubs of the country. Working in Rome means being able to count on modern and highly technological workspaces. Pay a visit to any business center in Rome, and you will be pleasantly surprised with the offering of workspaces, on-site amenities, and services. Elegant office suites are waiting for their tenants in the old architectural buildings with innovative inner design features. On top of that, the market boasts a high concentration of newly-constructed office centers that impress the occupants with their modernity and sustainability. Upon request, you can rent out a whole office unit, or a needed number of workstations. You can use the city’s business address on your official materials and data, including the company’s website, by renting a virtual office.  

Coworking in Rome, in its turn, is best of all suitable for entrepreneurs and startups who are hunting for new business opportunities in the Italian capital. The convenience of services, comfort, affordability, and, above all, the ability to create a network of professional relationships increase the level of demand for flexible work suites in the city. Rome has managed to build a stimulated and solid business environment for freelance entrepreneurs, startups, and the already established businesses with locally and globally recognisable names, and coworking spaces have a unique role to bring people together by fostering innovation, and creativity, as well as building productive collaborations. 

Where to rent the best commercial property for rent in Rome 

Functional workspaces are available for rent all across the capital city. Yet, in order to choose the best workspace, tenants should learn about the most popular and sought-after commercial areas of Rome. First of all, you have to keep in mind the fact that Rome is the largest in Italy. Its districts differ a lot from each other, each neighbourhood has its own features, and each has specific prices for renting property for commercial or office use.  

The greater EUR district is continuously the most sought-after area for office space in the city. EUR is the headquarters of many companies and public bodies, for instance – Eni, SIAE, Unicredit, INAIL, and many other international companies.  

The historic centre or Centro Storico is one of the most famous areas of Rome. Perhaps, it is the most beautiful area of the city, yet, it is also the most expensive one. Actually, renting an office in the Centro Storico is out of reach for many people. However, if your company deals in luxury goods and can afford to spend much money on a rental, then there is no better location to enhance your business than the historic centre of Rome. This area is home to the headquarters of universities, embassies, all of Italy’s most important political parties, and other important businesses. 

The Termini-Esquilino area, on the contrary, is an area where rents are cheaper. The business centres located here draw tenants whose clients and collaborators are from the outside of the city. This area is perfect because it is easy to reach. The proximity to the train station is only one perk of this business location. There are many affordable workspace solutions available for short-term accommodation here. 

The Parioli district is another very well known district of Rome. It is recognisable even abroad. Renting an office here is perfect for those working in the art, fashion, or entertainment industries. 

If you require to rent an office in Rome but still prefer to stay in a quiet area, away from the traffic of residents and tourists, yet, with all the comforts of a modern city centre, then the Testaccio district is the place for you. 

One of the most visited cities in Europe, Rome is the main hub for the Italian economy. Its business centres, meeting rooms, virtual offices, and coworking space solutions regularly draw tenants from all over the world. You can easily become one of them by addressing MatchOffice. Thanks to the numerous years of involvement in the commercial real estate industry, the company is ready to provide you with the most relevant office option for your business operations. Tenants get brokerage services for free. 

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