Rome’s Top Master’s Programs in English

Best master’s degrees in Rome

Rome promises breathtaking architecture, mouthwatering food, unparalleled art, and a milieu of history that dates back thousands of years. Among centuries of cultural tradition, the foundations of modern academia can be unearthed. Dante, Boccaccio, Leonardo da Vinci, Giotto, Julius Caesar, and Machiavelli are just a scant few of the Italian philosophical, artistic, engineering, and political giants that changed the course of humanity with their innovation. Today, thousands of scholars from around the world flock to Rome to conjure forth modern reflections within the hallowed churches, crumbling ruins, and expansive museums. However Rome is not ensconced solely in the past.

Throughout the Eternal City students can engage in contemporary studies, including marketing, international business, political science, and food security. Italy serves as a crossway between East and West, hosting a variety of NGOs, international business organizations, and private international companies like the World Food Program, the Food and Agriculture Organization, Amnesty International, the ICC, GE, Johnson & Johnson, and Eni. Today, more and more graduate programs are being offered that capitalize on Rome’s environment of international commerce and political negotiation. Furthermore, master’s programs offered in English are becoming more prominent.

Below is a list of seven successful, multifaceted, and novel master’s programs in Rome as of 2019. All are aimed at appealing to an international student market and all offer local internships and job-placement opportunities both during the program and after graduation.

Master's Programs in English at La Sapienza University Sapienza – Università di Roma

La Sapienza, one of the world’s oldest and most prominent universities, now offers master’s programs taught exclusively in English. 24 degree programs are available, encompassing a wide range of disciplines, including engineering, environmental studies, fashion, business, computer technology, and international relations. Several degree options allow for study in the second year at a partner university abroad. Students may also opt to take a single course rather than enrolling in an entire degree program. This can be a valuable compliment to any alternative master’s program done in Italy or abroad. All Sapienza degree programs are accredited by the Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca. A variety of scholarships, including work-study and academic excellence financial awards are available to students. Tuition for foreign students is a €1000 yearly flat-rate fee. Internships specific to the degree are also offered in tandem with the degree program. All degree programs can be completed within two years. Students with non-Italian prerequisite degrees must provide a dichiarazione di valore for their foreign academic education to be accepted by the Italian government.

The campus is located in the city center at Piazza Aldo Moro. The sprawling academic complex provides a wide range of student services, including access to 59 libraries and 20 museums. La Sapienza boosts over 21,000 Masters’s program students annually with over 1000 being foreign participants, making La Sapienza one of the most diverse and multifaceted universities in Rome. La Sapienza is currently ranked as the best Italian University in Rome by U.S. News and Times Higher Education.

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Master's Programs in English at John Cabot University

John Cabot University

Located in Trastevere, John Cabot University is an accredited American liberal arts university granting Bachelor of Arts degrees since 1972. John Cabot University welcomed the inaugural class of its new Master of Arts (MA) degree program in Art History in fall 2017. Under the guidance of an international faculty of art-historical researchers, archaeologists, curators, and artists who are also experienced and dedicated teachers, students will cultivate professional mastery of the materials and methods of art history through first-hand study in Rome. Designed to be completed in three semesters of full-time study, the MA consists of 36 hours of graduate-level coursework, including a professional apprenticeship and a Master’s thesis. Tuition for the full program is €21,000 for students from the US and Canada and €19,000 for students from other countries; outstanding applicants will be considered for fellowships and other forms of financial support. Courses are taught in English.

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Master's Programs in English at European School of Economics

The European School of Economics

The European School of Economics (ESE) is a Private Business School offering Bachelor’s Degree, Master of Science, MBA, as well as short programs at its centers in London, Rome, Milan, Florence, Madrid, New York (as study abroad center). ESE graduates are among the most competitive business professionals on the market, prepared for leadership roles in international marketing, finance, communication and management. The European School of Economics provides a fast return on investment: 95% of ESE graduates are placed at work within 5 months after graduation. Thanks to the academic excellence, cross-cultural studies and a very pragmatic approach the European School of Economics aims to facilitate in each and every student a process of inner revolution, encouraging personal development through self-study and individual research leading to self-knowledge.

With the ability to individually tailor their course of study, ESE students can:

–     study abroad and travel between all ESE centers;

– specialize in cutting-edge business sectors, such as fashion, events, music, sport, art, media and human resources among others;

–     complete internships, selecting from more than 1500 leading organizations around the world.

The Rome center is located in the heart of the Eternal City, close to Piazza Venezia. It offers full-time degree programs with prices ranging from € 16.000 to €35.000. They also offer Short Courses in Management, Marketing, Finance, Event Management, Hospitality Management, Music Management, Sports Management and many more, for a €5000 fee. Tuition fees can be paid in installments as well as in full.

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Rome Business School

The Rome Business School, based in Rome, Italy, but present on the global stage, is an Institute that provides excellent managerial training and research resources. It has currently trained professionals of over 140 different nationalities. Its objective is to close the existing gaps between the spheres of academia and work by providing managerial training aimed at transferring the know-how required to initiate or boost professional careers or business activities. The Rome Business School’s goal is to aid entrepreneurs, students, companies, organizations, managers and professionals who aspire to achieve their full potential in terms of competency and to advance both their business and work ethics, thus enabling them to be active contributors in the creation of an economic humanity and of a richer and fairer social construct, one which acknowledges and values the central position occupied by the individual.

The Rome Business School provides its students with flexible learning options; providing lectures that can be attended either in-person on-campus, or remotely via a modern distance learning application. All the programs provide a fast return on investment. They can be started anytime, either on campus or online (or both), offering the unique opportunity of fitting today’s professionals’ need for freedom and flexibility. The programs are structured to enable you to continue to work full-time and study for your Master’s Degree or Short course, connecting what you learn to current global and relevant organizational issues.

Master’s Degrees available:

  • 1-year MBA
  • Master in Marketing and Communications
  • Master in International Human Resources Management
  • Master in Arts and Culture Management
  • Master in Political Marketing
  • Master in Fashion Management
  • Master in Food and Beverage Management
  • Master in eHealth Management
  • Master in Agribusiness Management

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Master's Programs in English at St.John's University

St. John’s University

Located in Prati, the St. John’s University Rome campus is the Italian branch of the Queens, New York-based university. Operational in Italy for over 20 years, SJU Rome offers a Masters in International Affairs in English, which can be completed fully on the Italian campus or split between New York and Rome. It’s a 33-credit program (11 courses) and the degree can be completed in one year of fall, spring, and summer semester study, or in 2 years, part-time. Tuition should be expected to be around $40,000. Full and partial scholarships and assistantships are available for all programs.

The MA offers a comprehensive study of the institutions, theories, and political processes of international governments and organizations, preparing students for a professional career in global politics. The curriculum is organized around an International Affairs Core and four thematic tracks: European Politics and Policy; International Organizations and Institution; Global Security Policy; Development, Resilience and Sustainability.

All courses are offered in the evenings from Monday to Thursday. This allows for students who work/intern full-time to attend courses without any issues. Students are also able to enroll in courses on a part-time or full-time basis and change their status depending on their situation each semester. All of our faculty are tenured and hold PhDs, with many years of experience in their field. 

The Rome campus has relationships with several international organizations and government agencies in Rome. Through these contacts, many SJU students engage in internships there during their studies, going on to become full-time employees after graduation. They work especially with the UN WFP, FAO, IFAD, the Istituto Affari Internazionali, IDLO and the U.S. Embassy.

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American University of Rome

American University of Rome

Located on the Gianicolo hill, overlooking Trastevere, The American University of Rome (AUR) is Rome’s oldest American degree-granting institution, founded in 1969. A member of American Universities Abroad, AUR’s undergraduate and post-graduate programs are accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education in the United States. AUR is also recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education as an American University duly authorized to operate in Italy as a Foreign Higher Education Institution.
AUR offers three specialized, career-enhancing master’s degrees in Food Studies, Peace Studies, and Sustainable Cultural Heritage.  The guiding philosophy behind AUR’s Master of Arts programs is to engage students with some of the most important global issues of our time: the sustainability of global peace, global food distribution, and global cultural heritage. AUR’s M.A. programs are specifically designed to nurture mission-driven, theoretically informed, yet pragmatic problem solvers.
AUR’s 15-month M.A. programs are designed with professional students in mind, although one can also enter them directly from undergraduate education. After the first 9 months of study, students can either choose to stay in Rome for the duration or complete their internships and theses remotely, allowing them to take as little time away from their busy lives as possible. This modular structure that limits on-site learning to a single school year also makes the M.A. more affordable. There is also a range of scholarship opportunities available.

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Master's Programs in English at Luiss Business School

LUISS Business School

Located on Viale Pola, LUISS offers an English-language MBA degree program and several English-language MA programs, including Big Data, International Management, Fashion and Luxury Management, Tourism Management, and Risk Management and Insurance. The MBA, when done at a full-time pace, is 15-month structured program while the MA degree programs, offered only full-time, are 12 months in length. All programs incorporate a Field Project into the final 2-5 months of study. This Field project takes the form of project work in an established company, development of a personal business project, or personal research work. LUISS also offers career services for additional professional development for all students.

LUISS is accredited by the European Quality Improvement System, the accrediting body of the European Federation for Management Development. LUISS boasts that 33% of their enrolment is comprised of international students. LUISS also offers a limited amount of merit-based scholarships of up to 50% tuition, which is €30,000, a total fee paid over the course of the degree program in three installments.

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