Maybu Margaritas y Burritos

Maybu Margaritas y Burrito

Mexico in Rome: fast food Tex-Mex arrives in the Prati neighbourhood

Frozen margaritas, crunchy nachos, ensaladas and flavor-packed burritos with the best homemade sauces and fillings. It almost feels like I’m back in Texas eating authentic Tex-Mex cuisine. Except I’m not in Texas – nor in Mexico – I’m in Rome, just footsteps from the Vatican Museums!

Maybu Margaritas y Burrito

Yes, you read that right. If you’re in the Eternal City craving some comfort food that comes from the other side of the world, Maybu Margaritas y Burritos is the place you need to get yourself to! The idea is simple (yet exactly what we were missing in Rome): a gourmet fast food burrito and nacho place with the freshest ingredients out there! And apart from beer, water and soft drinks, order their spectacular frozen margarita coming in two flavors – mango and lime – to travel back to Central America!

Maybu Margaritas y Burrito

As soon as you step inside this colorful eatery, head to the burrito station boasting an open kitchen! If you’re going for a burrito, choose the size of your tortilla and start adding all those hearty ingredients! First, choose your filling from a variety of meats (beef, pork and chicken), rice (two types) vegetables and cheese, then move along the station to add yummy dressings such as jalapeno, pico de gallo, corn, sour cream and more. And last but not least, move along to their homemade sauces to finish off your perfect burrito (p.s. their guacamole is to die for)! And if you’re vegetarian, Maybu’s vegetarian alternatives – from quinoa to beans and vegetables – will surely deliver! Once your work of art is finished, it’s wrapped up in – you guessed it – eco-friendly packaging 100% recyclable!

Maybu Margaritas y Burrito

Maybu Margaritas y Burrito

But it’s not just burritos that taste heavenly, try their nachos, coming in two versions: the nachos Maybu or the nachos con queso. We went for the nachos Maybu which comes with everything one could think of: cheese, jalapeno, pico de gallo, guacamole, beans and sour cream! The taste? Absolutely perfect. But to follow an Italian saying, non c’è due senza tre or there’s no two without three, another Tex-Mex option awaits you: ensalada (an open tortilla filled with all the ingredients you crave)! And to completely feel like you’re back in Texas, at Maybu, all refills are for free!

Maybu Margaritas y Burrito

So all you have to do now is get yourself to Maybu, create your perfect Tex-Mex dish, sit down at Maybu, enjoy the food, and get a refill! Or if you prefer, since the food is already packaged, it’s great to take-away!

113, 00192 Roma RM, Italy


Via Candia, 113 (Prati)

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Sunday 11am – 11pm


06 69416108



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