Mercato Centrale at Rome Termini Station


A Food Lover’s Paradise

Ever since the flagship store opened in Florence in 2014, we have been waiting eagerly for our own Mercato Centrale to open its doors here in Rome. And now, it finally has! It’s paradise for anyone who loves food, wine, and strolling under the arched brick ceilings as you watch the craftsmen of the market go at it: shaping fresh pasta at one stand, pouring wine samples at another. It’s a rush, to stand in the middle of this market, listening to the din of it all, knowing that you are about to experience Rome the way it is meant to be experienced: with great food, great drinks, and great fun. And all at reasonable prices, too!


The philosophy of Mercato Centrale has been distilled to perfection: everything served here is farm to kitchen, local and fresh, and you can enjoy it there or at home, depending on your preference. Variety is key, with stands serving anything Italian, from produce to seafood to gelato to pasta to pizza. You can watch meals being made in front of you, or hop from stand to stand trying different delicacies and seasonal specialties, or buy what you need and prepare the perfect meal at home, knowing full well that whatever you make will transport you back to the mercato, as if you were one of the specialists themselves. And there are lots of specialists: Gabriele Bonci is in charge of baking bread, sweets, and pizza; Roberto Liberato serves meats; Edoardo Galluzi, from the Antica Pescheria Galluzzi, selects the finest fresh fish; Alessandro Conti, who has a renowned bodega of his own, mans the wine selection…The list goes on and on, which means that everything you buy will be of the best quality.


My advice? Enjoy the space itself. Plan some time with friends to go together, sampling food from different stands, trying different varieties of beer and wine, and finally choosing what you want and enjoying it there, people-watching while you sit at one of the many tables available throughout the market. You can even head upstairs and watch from above, as if you were up in the rafters looking down at a busy market in Ancient Rome. And some days, this second floor is even used for hosting events and cultural presentations, such as cinema and theater nights.


With 1900 square meters and 500 places to sit, Mercato Centrale is the perfect place to find what you want to enjoy and to enjoy it your heart’s desire. Head on over as soon as you can to Termini Station, either by bus or by metro, and explore the market now!


Via Giolitti 36 (Termini)

Open Everyday, 7am-Midnight


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