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Indulge and dine at this brand new gastronomical phenomenon just a few steps from Circus Maximus

Chef Davide Cianetti has brought us an astounding new restaurant for foodies in Rome, just a few steps from Circo Massimo. Numa al Circo is a culinary adventure with an international footprint, designed to welcome the customer at any time of the day where they can enjoy the lively atmosphere. You can treat yourself to many delights from the breakfast, delicatessen, pizzeria, the cocktail bar or their bakery offering an array of cakes…

Numa al Circo: The name is a tribute to the history of the second King of Rome and to the Circus Maximus, the majestic architectural complex located nearby that many tourists come to visit every year. The historic outdoor venue (which was used for chariot races and other popular shows) was a source of inspiration for Cianetti’s ‘gastronomic carousel’ that promotes lively, vibrant food and beverages. Behind this restaurant idea, is ‘Repubblica Gastronomica’, a branding company specialising in the food & beverage sector, and responsible for Numa Al Circo’s entire visual identity.

Just a few months ago, chef Cianetti was ready to embark on a new adventure in Miami, but due to the pandemic he returned to Rome. With the support of Michael Longo, he decided to make his overseas dream come true in Italy’s capital city.

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Look out for the wood, glass and recycled materials that were used in the building, such as cement tiles taken from an ancient villa and cut in a rhombus shape to recreate the circus floor. The environment has been considered in every detail – limiting the use of plastic and promoting the use of recyclable materials – setting the bar high for other Roman restaurants to follow.

The space has 100 seats (or 50 with the covid-19 regulations), you can choose to sit in their outdoor area with the vertical garden, perfect for photos. The inside presents you with a large and captivating cocktail bar as soon as you walk in. Cianetti says that “each customer us will not have to feel in awe and can eat whatever they want when they want. In a post-covid social setting we can offer business lunches, family or friend Sunday brunches and a place where people always feel welcome.”

International Breakfast

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Numa al Circo’s a la carte breakfast features sweet and savory options. Yeast takes center stage with simple brioches, stuffed brioches, toasted bread with malga butter and jam; cakes of the day, and American treats: muffins, pancakes, and chocolate waffles.

There are various egg-based options like the cheese and baked ham omelette, American scrambled, and Egg Benedict with salmon and baked ham. Also available: toasts, sandwiches and bagels. Breakfast is enriched by coffees, juices and smoothies along with a selection of teas and infusions.

Roman Specialites and a Tasty Pizza

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At Numa’s, the service is informal: you can eat what you want when you want.

High quality selected Lazio suppliers and producers are a part of the menu. They particularly help out and buy from small or struggling businesses in Lazio that have suffered natural disasters and agricultural difficulties. Such as Leonessa potatoes, who were severely affected by the 2016 earthquake and are now back up and running.

From the meat counter you can taste hams and sausages accompanied with fried dumplings such as Prosciutto di Bassiano, Porchetta dei Castelli Romani and dried beef Kosher, a typical sliced ​​meat of the Jewish-Roman cuisine. There will always be a selection of local cheeses with honey and mustards too.

Roman specialities see their triumph with home-made fresh pastas: Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe, Paccheri all’Amatriciana, Fettuccine con alici e friggitelli e mollica di pane bruscato. Standing out in the meat-based main courses, the chef’s must: Maialino di latte in porchetta con senape di pomodoro verde e patate al pecorino (milk piglet pork with green tomato senape and pecorino cheese potatoes), but a close second is the Costata di Marango alla griglia con patate arrosto (grilled Marango ribs with roasted potatoes) and the Fettine panate alla romana con misticanza di campo (breaded cutlet with mixed salad). From the vineyard, the typical side dishes from the Latium countryside: Roman Puntarelle with anchovy and garlic sauce, classical Roman artichoke and roasted Leonessa potatoes. It’s always a good time to try the ricotta and visciole (sour cherry) cheesecake, apple cinnamon pie, and many other cakes available in their desserts menu.

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Not to miss is also Numa’s pizza, whose dough is prepared with a mix of natural flours and hand-kneaded for a Roman-style pizza that welcomes various high-quality toppings and ingredients. Split between Red and White pizzas, they vary between the classical Queen Margherita with filetti di pomodoro and mozzarella fiordilatte sfilacciate a mano to the Leonessa with fior di latte mozzarella, patate di Leonessa, stracchino and ciauscolo to the fried pizza with broccoletti e salsiccia di Monte San Biagio.

Wine & Cocktails

Numa al Circo Rome
Michael Longo and Davide Cianetti

Wines and cocktails are an integral part of Numa al Circo’s menu, as proven by the big winery in sight. The wine menu includes a selection of wines from all across Italy and some French bubbles, big and small Maisons to sample alla mescita. The drink list is made up of most famous options like Old Fashioned, Margarita, Dry Martini, and Circo signature drinks like the Giocoliere with spiced Rum, turmeric syrup, honey, lime, ginger ale, and the Clown, with Vodka, strawberry pulp, yuzu royal bliss tonic, and candies. Also available: spirits, Spritz, tap and bottled beers.


Viale Aventino, 20 (Circo Massimo)

Opening time

Daily 10.30am – 10pm


06 6442 0669

Numa Roma

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