Covid-19 regulations in Italy: October 2021

Covid-19: Italy imposes new restrictions

Cinemas and theatres allowed to operate at full capacity and clubs finally reopen 

Italy’s COVID-19 situation is under control, the vaccination campaign is going swimmingly, and the government is optimistic. With more than 70% of the Italian population being fully vaccinated, Italy is easing out of its COVID-19 emergency, hence why from October 11 loosened restrictions will be in place. Places which have been so far closed, such as nightclubs, are now opening up again, and cinemas and theatres have updated their venue capacities to 100% given the success rate of vaccinations and the stable infection rates.

The Green Pass is nonetheless required to dine indoors at restaurants, cafes, bars, as well as to access gyms, museums, cinemas, theatres, arenas, stadiums, and clubs as well as private celebrations.

How to get the COVID Green Pass

Because the Green Pass is still necessary for many indoor social activities, you should make sure you have. All you need is at least one jab of the COVID vaccine or a negative test. You can show your Green Pass in paper format, or on your smartphone via various apps like IO, or your regional Salute app (like Salute Lazio). A QR code indicating your situation will show up on the app automatically maximum of a couple of days after your vaccine, or you will be prompted to download it.

click here to read the most recent rules to follow if you’re travelling to Italy 

Italy’s government led by Mario Draghi has confirmed four-tier system in Italy, classifying regions into colored zones according to how critical the Rt index is (rate of transmission) and the hospitalization numbers. Since November, Italy has been divided into four zones: white (safest), yellow (safer), orange (medium risk) and red (high risk). Many regions have been reporting low enough cases that all of Italy has been confirmed a white zone.

The White Zone

At the moment all Italian regions are classified as a white zone (update 15/10/21).

The government has introduced a new “White Zone” in the hope of giving a signal for the future. Italian regions are classified as white zones when the Rt index is below 1 and there are 50 or fewer weekly cases of Covid-19 for every 100,000 people, for three weeks in a row.  These regions are the safest and have less restrictions than other regions. In the “White Zone” regions, wearing a mask is only mandatory indoors and in crowds .

The Yellow Zone

No regions are currently classified as yellow zones (last update 15/10/2021).

The restrictions for the regions in the yellow zone are as follows:

  • Wearing a mask is mandatory indoors and outdoors
  • In restaurants, bars, pubs, bakeries and gelateria, four non-cohabiting people are allowed per table.

Everything To Know About Italy’s Vaccine Campaign

Measures that apply all over Italy


At present there is no night curfew in Italy.

Travel in Italy – Green Pass

Leisure travel is allowed between all regions of Italy.

Travel to and from European Union Countries

All passengers coming from Europen Union Countries are allowed to enter Italy with no need of quarantine, provided that they have a green certificate proving that you have undergone molecular or antigenic testing, carried out by means of a swab, with negative results 48 hours before arrival. Remember to fill out the Passenger locator form.

Here’s everything you need to know about who is allowed to travel to Italy at the moment. Additionally, here is the most updated information on the COVID Green Pass.

Nightclubs reopen

In the white zone, which as of now (14 October 2021) is all of Italy, clubs and other musical venues is now open again with a capacity of at most 75% outdoors, and 50% indoors – requiring a Green Pass. Indoor venues must be equipped with ventilation systems, and you may only enter with a mask and a Green Pass.

Cinemas, theatres, concerts venue and other cultural venues open with full capacity

In the white zone, all cinemas and theatres remain open, and from now on, both indoor and outdoor venues will allow 100% capacity, meaning that the social distancing measure of at least a meter is, in fact, abolished. The Green Pass is still required to enter indoor cinemas and theatres.

Stadiums increase in capacity

Stadiums and sports facilities will now have an increased capacity: 75% outdoors and for indoors venues 60%. The Green Pass is required to enter sports events indoors. Depending on the epidemiological situation and the characteristics of the locations and events in the white and yellow zones, the allowed maximum capacities may change and vary in order to contain contagion rates.

Museums remain open

Museums and art galleries are open without restriction; the Green Pass and mask is required to enter, and distancing measures stay.

Gyms, swimming pools, wellness centres and spas stay open

Oudoor and indoors pools and gyms are open, but the Green Pass is required to enter them. A two-metres distance is required at all times, masks must be worn in communal spaces, while public showers are not allowed. The only exception is for health facilities providing services falling under the category of essential assistance. Regions in white zones will gradually reopen these facilities.

Private ceremonies allowed

Private gatherings linked to civic or religious ceremonies such as weddings, baptisms, communions and confirmations, will be allowed from June 1 in white zones and June 15 in yellow zones. All participants must have either the green pass, or a certificate attesting having healed from COVID in the previous 6 months, or a negative test done within 48 hours prior to the event.

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