The Race Club Speakeasy Rome


Race Club Speakeasy is the Colosseum’s underground cocktail bar

A stone’s throw from the Colosseum, The Race Club is a speakeasy bar that’s fast becoming a beloved late-night underground den. Hidden from plain sight, this member’s only bar is seriously dedicated to its cocktails. Sit back and relax on one of their plush sofas and Chester with a well-mixed libation unique to Race Club’s menu.

From the outside, The Race Club Roma Speakeasy is easy to miss. This bar stands on a street close to the Colosseum—one of those streets people walk down every day without even knowing that there’s another great Roman gem around the corner. But The Race Club is here, hiding in the dark, waiting to be discovered.


When you walk inside, with half-assembled motorcycles strewn around the place, it looks like a biker shop, or some kind of mechanic’s garage, but don’t let that fool you. Step into the office, and suddenly you’re standing in front of a staircase. Walk down those steps, and you’ll find yourself somewhere entirely new, as if you’ve walked through Alice’s looking glass from one world into another.

And this world is luxurious, relaxing, with the sweet melodies of songs—think jazz, think classic American rock tunes—welcoming you in as you find a couch to sink into. The lights that hang down, almost swaying to the music, are gentle, and they paint into gold the love seats and coffee tables, the newspaper clippings decorating one little corner, and the vintage picture frames, and photographs and books in another. In your new little secret saloon, you can find your favorite seat and relax with your drink of choice.


I Have a Drink: the new menu with drinks for Charity

As a speakeasy, that’s the best reason of all to stop into The Race Club: cocktails. Everyone who tends bar here has been professionally trained, so no matter what you choose, it will blow your mind away.

Their new menu “I Have a Drink”, inspired by Martin Luther King’s dream, proposes a signature drink list with a charitable vision. Each drink supports a charitable cause in which the customer and the owner unanimously commit to donating part of the proceeds to global bodies and organizations. A Good Drink for a Good Deed.

The cocktail menu is only with 10 signature cocktails but you can ask for classic drinks, too.


The Race Club Roma Speakeasy takes reservations on their website, and it can accommodate large groups for special events (also Private Parties) such as birthday parties. To be part of the club, you have to pay a €5-membership card, and trust me: it’s worth it.


Via Labicana, 52 (Colosseo/Manzoni)

Opening time

Daily 10pm – 3am
Entrance with a membership card (Initial fee 5 Euro)


06 9604 4048

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