Roma Bar Show 2022


Roma Bar Show is returning to Italy this summer

The Roma Bar Show will return to Italy this May, this is the only Italian event dedicated to the beverage industry and world of mixology. From the 30th to the 31st of May, thousands of brands and beverage industry leaders will connect at the historic Palazzo dei Congressi in Rome.

With a ticket, visitors can experience the history of the Italian spirit industry, tastings, masterclasses, events throughout the city, Mexican spirit tradition, a new coffee village, as well as seminars and talks from experts in the industry. It is educational, indulgent, and a must-see event to kick off the coming summer months in Italy!

piazza italia - roma bar show 2022

The event will be organized into “subject areas”: ranging from a showcase of the lineage of Italian liquors, at the Piazza Italia, to several correlative sideshow events throughout all of Rome. Four tasting rooms equipped with top-of-the-line mechanisms will aid any ticketholder wanting to participate in the tastings and masterclasses that the event offers.

messico village

If tasting does not interest you, the event’s Mexico Village installation will offer all kinds of Mexican alcohols: tequila, mezcal, whiskey, agave syrups, and many others. Here, Mexican brands will present their products through talks, informative presentations, and bars. And if you’re hungry, pair your celebration of Mexico Village’s National Paloma Day with La Punta Expendio de Agave’s traditional Mexican street foods.

And neither liquor nor drinking is not your thing, this event will offer the Coffee Village; presenting expert coffee roasters and microbrewers through workshops, tastings, and coffee bars tended by skilled artisans of the coffee world. Featuring the Coffee Experience Bar, where participants are challenged to drink coffee in new and innovative ways.

These differing experiences will be paired with sideshows all around the city, taking place at hotels, rooftops, terraces, restaurants, and speakeasies.

tasting masterclass roma bar show

At the Auditorium Capitalis, six main seminars will take place, allowing 800 ticketholders as well as the general public to engage with those who have made history in the world of liquor and spirits. Exploring the wide variety of alcohols offered at the Roma Bar Show, visitors will have the ability to expose themselves to the history and relevance of the alcohol and drink industry through any medium they feel attracted to: seminars, tastings, masterclasses, bars, bartending, coffee bars, mixology, or a mix of them all. Ticketholders can create their own unique and fruitful experience through the Roma Bar Show’s multi-cultural and multi-faceted offerings.

For more information, check out Roma Bar Show’s website.

May 30 – 31

Palazzo dei Congressi

Piazza John Kennedy, 1 (EUR)

11am – 9pm

One day ticket €30, two day ticket €50

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