Rome at night

Exploring Rome’s enchanting architecture at night

It is in the night that I have found my travelling mate, this project is dedicated to it. I do reflect with night, I confess to it my worries and regrets, and it calms me down with its surreal atmosphere because the chaos that surrounds me now is orbing in a silent and gentle way.

When night lays down on a city it creates a surreal magic: indeed urban centres amass the infinite bustle of people during the day, traffic is coming and going and it flows continuously like a wild river, but suddenly a trick happens: night arrives; it washes away everything, it destroys that frenzy and all of the things get melt in an unexpected motionlessness,; time freezes. In this particular moment each building can release its energy that was kept during the day.

Now the city can take a moment to relax, it reveals to us for what it really is: it is art, it is human nature, it wants to be admired and we denote on it; we can finally discover our real identity thanks to this reflection.

You take delight not in a city’s seven or seventy wonders, but in the answer it gives to a question of yours.”

Italo Calvino – Invisible cities

All pictures by Federico Scarchilli

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