Best pizza in Rome

Whatever your preference, Rome has some great pizzerias where you can appreciate either style.

The correct style of Italian pizza is an age old argument which will never truly be settled. Whether you prefer the thin and crispy Roman Pizza or the doughy, risen Pizza napoletana, we’ve rounded up the best pizza places in Rome for each, as well as the best al taglio (by the slice) for that quick takeaway lunch. Here are the best pizzas in Rome right now. 


Best Pizzeria in Rome

Best Pizza Napoletana in Rome

doughy and risen


Via Statilio Ottato, 110/116 (Cinecittà)
06 71546118

Widely recognized as one of Rome’s favorite pizzerias, Sforno in Cinecittà is a must for those seeking Neapolitan style pizza with a twist. Sforno’s creativity extends to their pizza flavors (their Greenwich pizza has blue stilton cheese and a port reduction sauce and their Cacio e Pepe pizza is both well known and loved) as well as the classic fried starters… gricia flavored supplì anyone? If you’re a beer fan, be sure to wash your culinary goodness down with one of Sforno’s wide ranging craft beers.

La Gatta Mangiona

Via F. Ozanam, 30-32 (Monteverde)
06 5346702

Located in Monteverde Nuovo, the ‘Greedy Cat’ Restaurant and Pizzeria serves gourmet versions of Italy’s famous pie. Seasonal and high-quality toppings, special flours, and a longer fermentation process make this pizzeria one of the best in town. La Gatta Mangiona offers original recipes and a long list of craft beers and wines.

Seu Pizza Illuminati

Via Angelo Bargoni, 10-18 (Trastevere)
06 588 3384

Do you want to know where to eat the best pizza in Trastevere? On the edge of Trastevere, close to the Tiber River, you can find Seu Pizza Illuminati, a restaurant great for groups of all ages to enjoy eating the finer pizzas in life. Immersed in a culture full of pizza expertise, Seu Pizza Illuminati is the ultimate heaven for the pizza lovers in your life. What I find so delicious about this restaurant’s pizza is the thick and doughy crust – crucial to the overall pizza eating experience.

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Sant’Isidoro – Pizza & Bolle

Via Oslavia, 41 (Prati)
Lungotevere di Pietra Papa, 201 (Ostiense)
06 8982 2607

A trendy pizzeria in the Prati district (and in Ostiense) that offers a cool new concept in a minimal setting: pizza and sparkling wine. The pizza is exceptional, with twists on classics and completely new creative recipes. The must-tries are the Amatriciana pizza, the 3 Pomodori (three different types of tomatoes pizza) and the A Mazara pizza (with raw red shrimp from Mazara, stracciatela, mint and lime). The fried antipasti also deserve a taste and the wine list is interesting, with a great selection also by the glass.


Via Marco Vincenzo Coronelli, 30 (Pigneto)
06 21700650

Filled with a certain rustic charm, Pigneto’s traditional pizzeria has an authentic Italian vibe that is both unpretentious and welcoming. Perfect for families or groups, it is always bustling with locals seeking a classic Neapolitan style pizza cooked in a traditional wood oven. Margarì offers a wide range of pizzas as well as a large selection of highly recommended cakes and craft beers.


Via Valle Corteno, 31 (Trieste)
06 818 0960

From the people who brought you Sforno, Tonda pizzeria is the equally brilliant sequel. Combining many of the same flavours found at Sforno, it has simply brought their creations including their Trapizzini (a type of pizza sandwich) to a new part of the city. Book ahead to avoid disappointment, and to guarantee a spot outdoors where you can check out their impressive brick oven!


Via Siria, 1 (San Giovanni)
06 789318

East of Rome you’ll find this bustling pizzeria, started by a group of successful entrepreneurs, including Stefano Callegari, the pizza-master behind the popular Trapizzino. With modern industrial decor, friendly staff and tasty pizzas, Sbanco ticks all the boxes. The pizza selection is a nice mix of classic and creative, all wood-fired and semi-Neapolitan style. To top it off, they also have a very cool selection of beers, with very interesting flavours. This pizzeria definitely encourages it’s visitors to try something new!

Salvatore Di Matteo Le Gourmet Roma

Via Vittoria Colonna, 32 (Prati)
06 8676 6621

The historic pizzeria in Naples has also opened in Rome in the Prati district. A very large room on three levels with an atmosphere that recalls the classic Neapolitan pizzerias but in a modern key. In addition to traditional pizzas, here you can find various appetizers and the must-to-try fried foods.

Piccolo Buco

Via del Lavatore, 91 (Trevi)
06 6938 0163
Whoops! It looks like you forgot to specify an icon. PiccoloBuco

Translating into “little hole”, you may realize that Piccolo Buco may not be the biggest eatery in Rome, but that it definitely does not shy away from its bigger neighbours. From the classic pizza options to other gourmet ones, having pizza here is a must. However, in case your meal partner isn’t big on pizza, fear not! There are plenty of other options that will have you leaving the restaurant happy. Right around the corner from the Trevi Fountain, booking a table is recommended!

50 Kalò

Via Flavia, 3 (Termini)
06 6942 9875

Ciro Salvo is an award-winning master of Neapolitan pizza and dough. His 50 Kalò exists in three cities: Naples, London and since recently, Rome. The one in Rome on Via Flavia has two wood-fired ovens, which churn out particularly hydrated and light pizzas to satisfy the capital’s hunger and cravings. The pizza toppings are fresh and all strictly from Campania, and the menu also offers some fried dishes. Impossible not to try the frittatina di bucatini or the two supplì, one red, with rice in organic tomato sauce, sausages and provola cheese, and the other with Parmesan cream and provola cheese.

Pro Loco DOL

3 locations:
Via Domenico Panaroli, 35 (Centocelle)

Via Bergamo, 18 (Pinciano)
Via Goffredo Mameli, 23 (Trastevere)

DOL started as an alimentari, a deli, offering meats, cheeses and other fresh produce from Lazio. Since then DOL has moved location and expanded to Pro Loco DOL, now serving lunch, dinner and aperitivo in three neighbourhoods in Rome: Trastevere, Centocelle and Pinciano. The atmosphere is warm & welcoming. Pizza and bread are freshly baked in its kitchen, and the daily menu is written up on the dining room’s big chalkboard. If you want to experience the best of Rome’s region of Lazio, this is the place to visit!

I Quintili

3 locations:
Via S. Biagio Platani, 320 (Tor Bella Monaca)
Via Eurialo, 7 (Furio Camillo)
Via Francesco Cangiullo, 16 (EUR)

One of the best (Neapolitan) pizzerias in Rome opens its third location in Montagnola. Fritters and doughs are always superlative, confirming the good work already done by Marco Quintili at the two historic locations in Tor Bella Monaca (temporarily closed) and Furio Camillo. The iQuintili brand is ranked twelfth among the best artisan pizza chains in the world by the 50 Top Pizza guide… their food is sure to make your taste buds swoon!


Best Pizza in Rome

Best Roman Style Pizza in Rome

thin and crispy

Pizzeria da Remo

Piazza S.M.Liberatrice, 44 (Testaccio)
06 5746270

Positioned in the heart of the Testaccio district, this pizzeria is most famous for its paper thin, crispy base. Consistently popular with local Romans, be sure to arrive early or be prepared to queue.  The trick here is to keep things simple, which explains why da Remo’s margherita is widely famed and almost impossible to top.


Via Monte della Farina, 28 (Campo de’ Fiori)
06 64760475

Pizzeria, but also restaurant, Emma’s divine thin crust pizza has been carefully engineered with the highest-quality ingredients by Pierluigi Roscioli, making it stand out from the crowd. The price naturally reflects this; however, it’s well worth experiencing the delicious blend of quality dough and fresh ingredients, all the while sitting outside in the historic center of Rome. If you’re looking for a pizzeria near Campo de’ Fiori, this one’s it!


Via Prati della Farnesina, 76 (Ponte Milvio)

Pizza reigns at TreeToo, with classic and creative toppings and different types of pizza doughs. The flour of the doughs is handcrafted in mills to keep the nutritional characteristics of the cereals and seeds intact. Translation? Great quality and easily digestible! Definitely try the hemp flour amatriciana pizza! But don’t forget to taste the delicious fried antipasti. The cocktails?  They’ll have any mixology enthusiast swept off their feet.


Via Benedetta, 23 (Trastevere)
06 589 4016

The famous Bir&Fud in Trastevere has transformed into L’Elementare or “elementary”, recalling the elementary products and traditions of the Lazio region. The great selection of craft beers is still available but what’s new is the exquisite simple and classic Roman style pizza by Mirko Rizzo. Here, you’ll taste a heavenly round, thin and extremely crunchy pizza that you won’t easily forget.

Ai Marmi

Viale Trastevere, 53 (Trastevere)
06 5800919

This simple and laid-back pizzeria is perfect for families and large groups looking for good, honest food at an equally honest price. Commonly praised for its supplì and fried zucchini flowers, as well as its efficiently prepared pizzas, you will never leave Ai Marmi feeling hungry or unsatisfied. The perfect lunch spot for those on a modest budget.


Via Mantova, 5 (Nomentana)
06 45654390

Near the Villa Borghese Gardens, you’ll find this cool retro Roman pizzeria, started by two Italian brothers. This welcoming diner-style spot is refreshing, with its checkered floors and pastel colours. Their delicious artisanal pizzas are made with the freshest ingredients, and kept nice and simple. This really lets each ingredient shine. Pizzas are served already-sliced into 8 pieces, which is pretty cool when sharing a few different pizzas with friends.

Ivo a Trastevere

Via di S. Francesco a Ripa, 158 (Trastevere)
06 581 7082

This Roman pizzeria was started by Ivo Stefanelli and his wife over 40 years ago. Beginning as a sweet shop, it gained popularity fast, soon adding pizzas to the menu. Since then it’s grown bigger and bigger, and now has an extended menu that includes everything from starters to desserts. The pizzas are well-known for their perfect Roman crunch, “scrocchio”. It’s often busy, so be sure to get there early. Otherwise just get your pizzas takeaway and eat them in the nearby San Cosimato square.

Dar Poeta

Vicolo del Bologna, 45 (Trastevere)
06 5880516

Located on a cobbled side street in Trastevere, this cosy pizzeria is named after Italian poet, Belli, whose poems adorn the walls. Dar Poeta oozes character and charm and even has several outdoor tables (weather permitting.) The wide selection of doughy pizzas are served alongside a range of delicious bruschette- and can/ should be followed by Dar Poeta’s signature Nutella calzone.


Via Tor de’ Schiavi, 53 (Centocelle)
391 144 6575
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This pizzeria in the Centocelle neighbourhood has become an institution for Roman style pizza. 180g is all about Roman tradition, you can taste one of the best pizzas in Rome with delicious toppings coming from small local producers. Translation? All ingredients are top quality! Step inside the colorful and quirky pizzeria and browse through the selection of daily specials!

A Rota

Via di Tor Pignattara, 190 (Tor Pignattara)
345 547 9532

Pizzeria located in the Tor Pignattara area. Informal ambience that reconciles tradition and modernity. Their pizza is made in classic Roman style, flat and crispy, the toppings follow the seasons, which makes A Rota’s pizzas of excellent quality. One of the best pizzerias in Italy in 2022, according to the guide to the best pizzerias in the world.


pizza al taglio

Best Pizza By The Slice in Rome

al taglio

Il Pinsere

Via Flavia, 98 (Termini)
06 4202 0924

Il Pinsere is a hole in the wall pizzeria located near Termini station.  Unlike most al taglio pizzerie, they serve round, simply smaller pizzas. Due to the delicious topping combinations, the lunch time rush is a bit chaotic and not for those in a hurry. If you have time to spare; however, it is definitely worth the wait.

Antico Forno Roscioli

Via dei Giubbonari, 21 (Campo de’ Fiori)
 06 687 5287

This is a historical bakery widely recognized for having mastered the simple art of the dough itself. For this reason, tourists and locals flock here for their pizza bianca by the slice and enjoy it while either on the go or standing outside. Always fresh and warm, it is well worth a visit anytime you need a quick pizza recharge.


Via della Meloria, 43 (Prati)
06 3974 5416

Near the Vatican, Pizzarium is owned by the widely acclaimed Gabriele Bonci, Rome’s most famous pizzaiolo. Toppings here can change regularly, but tend to be very creative and piled on generously to create intense flavours. The classic recipes, as well as their excellent supplì, are available year-round.

Trieste Pizza

Via Urbana, 112/113 (Monti)
06 481 5319

“Round and proud to be Italian” that’s the motto of this historic pizzeria from Pescara. Located in Monti, Trieste is all about tradition, flavor, and a respect for high- quality ingredients. We have no doubt that this pizza cooked in a small pan will win the taste buds of Romans, locals, and tourists alike.

Zizzi Pizza

Piazza di San Martino, 4/5 (Esquilino)
06 8693 5996

The brainchild of two siblings (one of whom is a cook and the other an architect) Zizzi Pizza is a place where great cuisine, creativity, and high quality biological products come together.  The wide selection includes pizzas both by the whole and by the slice, hamburgers and danish meat, cacio e pepe, supplì, and fried anchovies. The pizzas are prepared in their artisanal laboratory, and the dough, which consists of stone ground biological flour and extra virgin olive oil is left to rise for 72 hours.

Forno Campo de’ Fiori

Piazza Campo de’ Fiori, 22 (Campo de’ Fiori)
06 9293 5426

This little bakery has been around for over 30 years, and here you can get yourself one of the city’s best pizza al taglio, pizza by the slice. Just show them how much you’d like and then pay by weight. Be sure to try their popular pizza bianca, without the tomato base, yum! Apart from pizza, Forno bakes fresh breads, biscuits and lots more. A must-try when exploring the Campo area and perfect as a take away to munch on as you explore more of the city by foot.



Eataly’s Pizza

tasty and highly digestible

Pizza e Cucina

Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492 (Ostiense)

Don’t be fooled into thinking that all pizzas are created equal. There is no such thing. If you want to taste a delicious pizza near Ostiense, one made with super fresh seasonal ingredients, organic flours, top-quality tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil, you need to head straight to the Pizza e Cucina restaurant on Eataly’s first floor. Not into pizza? Check out their pasta menu to explore Roman pasta specialties.

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