A Parent’s Survival Kit to Rome

Rome for kids

Whether you’re staying for a short period or whether you actually live in Rome, once you’ve turned into a parent every hand is welcome. In order to make your life as a fresh mom or dad a little easier, I’ve put together some tips on where to go with your little one in the Eternal City. Are you looking for a baby-friendly place to eat or stay or is it time to change your baby’s diaper? Or are you maybe in need of a pediatrician? No worries, I will discuss all of these topics!

Pediatricians in Rome

Of course it’s the last thing you want to think about, but what if you need a pediatrician when in Rome? The next two tips should help you out, whether you’re looking for quick help or whether you need assistance over a longer period of time:


If you need a certified English-speaking pediatrician that comes to your home, MedinAction offers help. It is an on-demand medical service that visits patients at any time, in any place. Book your qualified physician through app, phone or website and meet your doctor whenever you need. MedinAction works with numerous insurance companies and will bill your insurance directly. Otherwise, you can pay in cash or via Paypal.


Bellies Abroad

Bellies Abroad is a platform for locals and families living outside of their home countries. It provides health care and resources for the whole family. It supplies information through culturally relevant articles and videos that are useful for every expat family, allowing them to make the best decisions about their family care. Founder Kirsten: “I’d love for people to know we are here with ethically motivated professionals who care for the whole family. We also offer in-office consultations and organize community events.”


Baby-friendly restaurants in Rome

Eating out can be quite complicated, if you have small kids. So let me give you a few ideas on restaurants that have a staff prepared for children, that offer small portions and that (almost all) have equipped bathrooms:

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele

Via Flaminia 82 (Piazza del Popolo)

Eat Neapolitan pizza after your visit to Explora, Rome’s wonderful museum for children. You can use the museum’s bathroom with tiny toilet and ask for plastic cups at the table. Quick and child-friendly service.

Porto Fluviale

Via del Porto Fluviale 22 (Piramide)

In this trattoria/pizzeria/living room children are not forgotten. You can eat a quick bite or have a quiet regional dinner at the table. In the weekend they organize activities for children. Just make sure you make a reservation!

Trattoria degli amici

Piazza di Sant’Egidio 6 (Trastevere)

At this restaurant, professionals and people with a disability work together to serve you a good meal. There is art on the walls and they even make you use the changing table if you’re just a passer-by, a rarity in the city center.

Mercato Centrale

Via Giovanni Giolitti 36 (Termini station)

The ‘Central Market’ is a modern, gastronomical sensation in Rome since 2016. It might not be the place to be for small children, but the bathroom is child-friendly and the self service at the various restaurants makes your stay efficient.

Luna e l’Altra

Via San Francesco di Sales 1/A (Trastevere)

This bistrot is located inside the International Women’s House and has a garden, a lovely courtyard and a little playground. While on the terrain, check out baby care Azúcar, that also organizes great workshops, from art to music.

Diaper stations in Rome

Oh my god, your baby has just filled his/her diaper with a smelly substance: where do you go? Take a look at these bars and shops with changing tables, so that you can avoid endless strolling looking for a suitable bathroom:

Neve di Latte

Via Federico Cesi 1 (Castel Sant’Angelo)

This ice-cream parlor not only sells fabulous ice-cream, it also has a spacious, spick-and-span bathroom. It really is a pleasure to change your baby here and the original ice-cream flavors (for example chestnut honey) do the rest.

Le Tartarughe

Piazza Mattei 7/8 (city center)

You’ll find this cosy and animated bar in the heart of the Jewish neighborhood of Rome. You can have breakfast here or a drink in the evening, either way, the place serves as a diaper stop. The bathroom is small, but it works all right.

Vivi Bistrot

Piazza Navona 2 (city center)

You need a short break from your city-walk? Have a coffee at this special bistrot, taking advantage of its baby-friendly bathroom at the same time. The room is clean and spacious enough, that’ll just do for now.

la Feltrinelli

Largo di Torre Argentina 5A (city center)

This well-known bookstore has a modest children’s’ area where the kids can sit and read at little chairs. Go to the bar at the first floor to get the key to the bathroom. It’s not the cleanest you have ever seen, but it’s ok.


Piazza di San Calisto 15 (Trastevere)

Finding a place to change your baby in the neighborhood of Trastevere is not that easy. In this bar you can, by opening the changing table attached to the wall. You can’t use the toilet anymore if you do so, but at least the baby is clean!

Baby-friendly accommodations in Rome

Where do you sleep when you are visiting Rome with your family? Of course you don’t want a place too far away from the sights, but you need a quiet place at the same time. Let me give you some tips for accommodations in different neighborhoods (in ascending order of budget):

The Roman Empire Guesthouse

Via Cavour 275 (Monti)

Close to Termini station and the Colosseum, this guesthouse offers all the comfort your family might need, from hairdryer to coffee machine. The deluxe rooms have a balcony and can host up to four people. Ask for their special city tours or buy tickets in advance to avoid the queues at the main museums.

Hotel Ripa Roma

Via degli Orti di Trastevere 3 (Trastevere)

This big design hotel is located just outside Trastevere and close to Janiculum hill. Children will love this place because of all the artistic and colorful objects exposed all around the hotel. The breakfast buffet is rich in variety and the connecting rooms make for an ideal stay for bigger families too.

Hotel Raphaël

Largo Febo 2 (Piazza Navona)

One of the advantages of this luxury hotel is its position, right behind Piazza Navona. You can take a suite with a second sleeping area for your children and enjoy a rich meal in the morning. The rooftop terrace offers relaxation after a long day of sightseeing and a stunning view of Rome’s unique panorama.

Rome Cavalieri

Via Alberto Cadlolo 101 (Monte Mario)

If your budget allows it, this five-star resort provides a wonderful stay for the whole family. Besides three swimming pools, there is a big park and an animation club that provides hours of fun for all ages. Also present are mini-robes, small hangers, night lamps and anything else that you could wish for your children.

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