The Secret to Landing Your Dream Job


What really sets your resume apart in the sea of job applications? We have always known that employers favor candidates with an international experience, but now a study from an IES Abroad shows that 97% of study abroad students are twice as likely to find employment within 6 months of graduation than their peers who did not study abroad (! Now studying in an international context becomes much more than just an experience of cultural enrichment; it can actually kickstart your career!


For students enrolled in the Temple Rome Entry Year Program at Temple University Rome Campus, this global experience is already built into their curriculum and academic track. Rome Entry Year students spend their first year at Temple in Rome, Italy building their foundation and becoming competent global citizens before moving to Temple’s Main Campus where they complete their degree and graduate in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. As a globally recognized university, Temple students are equipped with an education that offers a competitive edge in the professional world. In 2017, 84.6% of Temple graduates obtained a job in their field of study.


Located in the historic Villa Caproni, prepare yourself to be immersed in the local culture and language. With over 40 degree programs to choose from, select a major that fits your interest and get on track right from the start. Every week, students have the opportunity to become involved in a variety of cultural activities or academic excursions to explore Rome, Italy, or Europe. Alongside 24/7 access to supportive and individualized staff, we provide the resources to aid you along your academic journey and help you transition from a student to a global citizen.

Once establishing roots at Temple Rome, become engrossed in Philadelphia, the birthplace of American history, featuring its art and culture. Temple’s first-class facilities include: a 24-hour Tech Center, a new state-of-the-art library, Student Success Center, Tuttleman Counseling Center, and Student Health Services. Join one of Temple’s 300+ student clubs, activities, organizations, collegial sports, or intramural teams and network with students from nearly 130 countries around the world. With plenty of opportunities for student internships, study abroad programs and research, you will be able to utilize your education for practical use.


Join us at Temple University’s Rome Campus Saturday, November 9th, to discover how you can kick-start your education. During our Open Day from 15.00 – 18.00, tour our facilities, see our art studios at work and sit in on a mock lesson from one of our professors. After obtaining all the information you need, aperitivo is on us as you mingle with current students, alumni, staff and faculty. Click here to register!

With campuses in Pennsylvania, Rome, and Tokyo at your disposal, achieve critical skills, a global perspective and a solid foundation for your future. An international education at Temple University shapes your future to achieve your goals – where will Temple take you?

Written by Chelsea Badri, Temple University International Business Major ‘20

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