Top 10 Italian-Themed Activities To Get You In The Mood For Your Trip To Rome

So, you’re going to Rome soon, and you want to give in to the excitement. Here, you’ll find a nice little list of activities that will help to get you in the mood for the trip as well as prepare you for what’s to come!

1. Drink some wine

Of course, you’re going to be enjoying some wine in Rome; they’ve been perfecting the drink for centuries. Italy boasts many wine stores, and they often enjoy a glass alongside some meat, cheese, a bit of salad, and some croutons or bread.

2. Watch a movie set in Rome

When in Rome, there’s a very good chance that you’ll feel the urge to visit the spectacular Colosseum. There’s no better film to get you in the mood for the legendary theatre than watching the cinematic epic Gladiator – even if it wasn’t actually filmed in the Colosseum.

3. Immerse yourself in an Italian game

Working as a nice segue into the next section, if you want to have a bit of fun to get yourself in the mood for Rome, try the game Mamma Mia, which is based on a stereotypical Italian restaurant.

4. Make yourself a pizza

As a slight warning, whatever pizza you make or have tried before will not be as good as the ones you’ll eat in Rome. But to get in the mood, try making your own Roman-style pizza, and don’t be afraid to experiment with toppings as the pizzerias in Rome certainly do.

5. Learn some Italian

Many of the people who work in and around the main attractions of Rome know enough English for you to interact with them, but they certainly appreciate the effort of you learning what you can first. For this, there’s nothing better than the free app Duolingo and its Italian lessons.

6. Find yourself some comfy shoes

There are so many things to see in Rome, so do yourself a favour and shop for some very comfy shoes. Buses will cut out some of the work, but there is a lot of walking to be done. To make this bit Italian themed, shoot for some Italian brands.

7. Get your map out

Get yourself a map of Rome, most probably Google Maps, and mark out the places that you want to visit. But be sure not to limit yourself to the many historical landmarks, as other areas, like the Villa Borghese that hosts Fondazione Bioparco, are exquisite.

8. Check for tickets online

If you’re looking to go full-Italian on your visit to Rome, you’ll want to join in on match day. Going to a bar when either top-flight local team, AS Roma or SS Lazio, are on is great fun, but it’s even better in the Stadio Olimpico.

9. Get a grasp of the Romans

The historical tours around Rome go into such incredible depth that it’s well worth having a fair base understanding of the main characters of Roman history. To do this, it’s easiest to start with a documentary-drama, so that it’s not too heavy, such as Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire from the BBC.

10. Make yourself an Italian coffee

You’re bound to find yourself in one of the many lovely cafés dotted around Rome during your trip, but your main need for a cup of good Italian coffee right now is so that you can get everything else on this checklist done!

There you have it: ten top Italian-themed activities to get you in the mood for Rome!

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