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With our 100th issue coming out this March, we’ve got a bit of an announcement to make. We’ve been your local guide to Rome for 10 years now, and while telling you about the best things to do in town, what to see and where to eat has been our biggest privilege, we’ve decided to step things up a notch.

The amount of times you’ve asked us to suggest tours and experiences are countless. And everyone knows that the most successful companies, or magazines in our case, are the ones that listen to their customers, or readers.

So we’ve decided to listen to you and become more than just your local guide to Rome, we’ve decided to help you discover Rome all in one place. We bring you our newest section: the Romeing Shop. A place where you can discover, reserve and ask for help about the best tours, experiences, and airport transfers in Rome.

Need help understanding which tour is best for you? Searching for a private tour or a day trip? Want to live Rome through unique experiences like rides on the back of Vespas or cycling your way around the Eternal City? We’ve got you covered!

Not in the mood for planning? Let us do the work for you! With years of experiences in Rome and Italy, we can tailor to your every need, preference and budget. Sit back, relax and let us organize your dream trip to Italy with our Custom Travel Planning.

It’s quite simple; head on over to, check out our tours, private tours, day trips, experiences and airport transfers, and immediately book. If you need help picking out your tour, just click the “Help” button to chat with one of our team members, or leave your message and check your email for a reply.

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