TramJazz in Rome

Board TramJazz for a Completely Unique Roman Experience

Imagine a delicious, romantic candlelight dinner. Now imagine the dinner accompanied by live jazz music, performed by professional musicians. Now take all of this and put it on board a historic cable car that drives you around one of the world’s most romantic cities, Rome.

That’s right, a candlelight dinner, live jazz, and a breathtaking tour of Rome– combined to give you one of the most special nights that you can experience: a night aboard the TramJazz.

TramJazz in Rome

Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, a birthday, or just a special date night, Tramjazz will make for an unforgettable night in Rome. Your evening begins at Porta Maggiore on one of the city’s historic trams with candles lit and tables set. While sipping on a spumante, munching on appetizers, and listening to expertly played jazz, your journey through Rome takes place. The tour passes by S.Lorenzo, S.Croce in Gerusalemme, S.Giovanni, and the Roman Forum, all before pulling up for dinner. The tram comes to a full stop at Parco Celio, directly in front of the Colosseum.

TramJazz in Rome

TramJazz in Rome

What better place to stop, enjoy the music, and indulge in a dinner made of products from the Lazio region, than beside one of the most stunning sites in Rome, the Colosseum? After dinner, the tram travels to Circus Maximus and Piramide, and finally circles back to Porta Maggiore. When the tour concludes, it will feel as though the three hours on Tramjazz has passed by in minutes.

Tramjazz combines the best of Rome: a stunning city, great food, and scintillating music. Or, in the words of a previous client “a beautiful evening, a refined and great dinner, and above all, great music… that’s jazz.” What more can one ask for? Unsurprisingly, Tramjazz evenings are sold-out quickly so be sure to reserve your special night in advance and pencil in your jazz-inspired, night experience of Rome.

Tram Jazz Atac

Tram leaving from Piazza di Porta Maggiore at 9pm

Cost €75/90, including show, dinner and drinks

Reservation required

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