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Live music, food, drinks in Trastevere

Alcazar LiveTrastevere’s ex movie theater – has cemented itself as one of Rome’s most frequented venues. Its now renown concept of merging entertainment with live music performances keeps on leaving its mark on Roman movida.

A venue where music and art come together to create an energetic space in the heart of Rome. Get ready for their jam-packed live music sessions – without missing out on entertainment, good food and drinks.

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Live Music & Dj-set

From Thursday to Sunday, indulge in Alcazar Live’s aperitivo to enjoy drinks, an à la carte happy hour and a solid dj set to accompany you until late night. The drink selection is broad, with cocktails of all kinds, from classic to mixology. 

Why wait until the weekend though? The fun at Alcazar starts on Thursdays! A regular appointment each week sees locals flocking to the venue for the beloved funky and soul jam sessions featuring the Comemammam’hafatto sound group. No fret though, the rest of the weekend has several other shows on deck, too. On Fridays and Saturdays concerts by international and Italian soul, R&B, funk artists fill the stage as well as disco and house dj-sets. The night goes on till the after-hours as the place transforms itself into a dance floor.

Some previous names that have graced the stage include: PJ Morton, Masego, Keifer, Becca Stevens, Folamour, Myd, and Tank & The Bangas just to name a few.

live alcazar rome

Alcazar Hostaria

For foodies, Alcazar Live’s Hostaria overlooking the stage from the second floor cannot be missed. Listen to live music while embarking on a culinary adventure with the best Italian produce. Taste Mediterranean flavors with a twist as you journey through Italian traditions.


Brunch and Market

Looking for a place to brunch? Get ready for Alcazar’s brunch. With typical italian dishes, in addition to different international delicacies, your appetite will be met and your stomach will thank you later. 

And what better activity to accompany your brunch session than a stroll through a vibrant market? Alcazar Live hosts on the weekend Merkat*, a market filled with vintage, Made in Italy, artisanal, and handmade stands; all perfect great souvenir ideas. From 10am to 8pm, the market is accompanied by live dj sets and is a swell addition to your Trastevere outing.

live alcazar live music venue rome

Alcazar Live isn’t just another venue for your entertainment. If you’re searching for a place where art, music, food and drinks come together to create a unique experience, Live Alcazar is it.

Click here for further information on their live music programs


Via Cardinale Merry del Val, 14 (Trastevere)

Opening Hours

Thur – Fri from 7pm – 2am

Sat – Sun from 10am – 2am


Sat – Sun 10.30am – 3.30pm


Sat – Sun 10am – 8pm


(+39) 334.7309936 (whatsapp)



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