UEFA EURO 2020 in Rome

Fans of football have something to wait for next year, especially those living in Rome. The 2020 UEFA European Football Championship will start in none other than the capital of Italy. It is going to be the 16th European Championship of UEFA, as well as the 60th anniversary of the tournament’s birth. As a celebration, the whole tournament will be played in 12 different European cities instead of one state. The first one is going to be Rome, and those who bet on sports are surely looking forward to it.

UEFA EURO – The History

UEFA EURO, or the UEFA European Championship, is a tournament where national football male teams are trying their luck at winning the event. Initially called the UEFA European Nations’ Cup, the tournament is held once every four years, and has been going on like this since 1960.

Previous European Championships have been won by ten teams, such as Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Czechoslovakia, Soviet Union, Greece, Netherlands, Denmark, and Portugal. The last championship has been won by Portugal, so we can only wait and see who will win in 2020.

Rome – The Opening Host

After the agreement that 12 cities will host the big football tournament in 2020, a location had to be chosen for the opening game. They chose the capital of Italy, Rome, and the location of the event will be at the Olimpico stadium.

Group A matches, respectively the ones played in Italy, will take place in two locations, Rome and Baku. They will start on 12 June 2020 and end on 21 June 2020. People who are not from Rome have to look for accommodation and get to know how to arrive at the venue. The Olympic stadium is situated on Viale dei Gladiatori.

The rest of the event will be played in venues in Munich, London, Budapest, Amsterdam, Dublin, Glasgow, Copenhagen, St. Petersburg, Bilbao, Bucharest. Brussels was left out for this tournament as a host because of the delays surrounding the building of the Eurostadium.

If you live in Rome or anywhere else in Italy and want to attend the UEFA EURO 2020, stay tuned and look up tickets online. You can also engage in online sports betting on https://thebossbet.com/ during the event.

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