The 2020 Guide to Easter in Rome

How to spend Easter 2020 in Rome during the coronavirus

How to spend Easter 2020 in Rome during the coronavirus

Italy’s anti-coronavirus lockdown has been officially extended till April 13th, meaning Italians will be spending Easter at home. It will be the first time in our lives that we won’t be able to reunite with our families for traditional Easter celebrations, the first time there won’t be huge crowds at Piazza San Pietro during Holy Week, and the first time we won’t be able to celebrate Pasquetta, or Easter Monday, with our friends and families. Easter 2020 in Italy will be unconventional, but while we have to stay at home, there are some traditions that we can still maintain. Among them: the traditional Easter breakfast, Easter lunch, the exchange of chocolate eggs, and tuning in on Holy Mass.


Easter lunch in Rome: food delivery services

While you can’t personally go to the restaurant, you can still order in food from some of your favorite restaurants in Rome. This Easter 2020, forget about cooking at home and instead order in your Easter lunch from one of these amazing restaurants in Rome.

Easter lunch in Rome: food delivery services


Orders by April 9th at 6pm
Text or call: 0689572296 / 3271260125
€45 per person
Delivered by 11am on April 12th

Original in concept and creativity, Pianostrada is the brainchild of four talented women who sought to bring quality, delectable street food to Rome’s center. And for Easter, they’ve prepared a wonderful menu that includes: small sandwich of casatiello, corallina and cruditè of asparagus; fresh fava bean cream with Falisco pecorino, Patanegra de Belota, Conciato di San Vittore, mortadella from Mora Romagnola, Pianostrada’s focaccia bianca with rosemary and coarse salt; Lasagnetta (ready to cook!) crunchy artichokes, saffron, PDO guanciale and agnone Caciocavallo; guinea fowl stuffed with vignarola with Moscato d’Asti and puffed potatoes with rosemary and lemon thyme; and the frangranza di frolla, ricotta, candied orange and chocolate for dessert. Orders must be made by April 9th at 6pm.


Orders by April 10th
Whatsapp 329 3649448 / 342 0417492
Option 1: €110 for two people
Option 2: €130 for two people
Delivered on April 11th during the day

In collaboration with Roscioli Ristorante Salumeria, Retrobottega is offering two Easter lunch options in Rome! Retrodelivery will bring you the flavours and aromas that will take you back to memories of traditional Easters spent with family. Option 1 includes: corallina puro suino brado; salame abruzzese artigianale, torta al formaggio, stravecchio rosso; agnolotti ripieni al pollo alla cacciatora; agnello in umido, patate arrosto e carciofi alla romana; your choice of pastiera napoletana or the colomba for dessert. Option 2 includes: strolghino di razza nera; salame gentile da razze brade; jamon de belona 48 months; parmigiano bruna alpina 48 months; casatiello; stacciata con panna; agnolotti ripieni al pollo alla cacciatora; agnello in umido, patate arrosto e carciofi alla romana; your choice of pastiera napoletana or the colomba for dessert. Orders must be made by April 10th.


Email them at
€55 per person / €40 per child (includes a special Easter surprise)
Delivered on April 12th

This restaurant and bakery with a North European flair is the perfect place to order your Easter lunch menu! But don’t wait too long to order your menus, there’s a limited availability. The menu includes: green asparagus, grilled + pickled artichokes, and monk’s beard salsa verde with fresh fava beans (starter);  organic lamb from il poggio slow braised with seasonal vegetables spring cucumbers, tropea onions, taggiasche olives and fresh mint (main); if you’re a vegetarian, your main includes the marigold easter spanakopita green peas, mint, spinach, feat, pine nuts and egg wrapped in flaky phyllo pastry served with a spring cucumber salad; and to fonish off the individual lemon cream tart seasonal wild flowers for dessert. The menu also includes a bottle of natural sparkling wine from Veneto (per order); and Marigold bar nuts (cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts, and almonds marigold sourdough bread + butter hot cross bun) per person.

Santo Palato

Call 0677207354
€40 per person / €20 per child
Delivered on April 12th

This contemporary trattoria offers Roman cuisine with a twist. And this Easter, Santo Palato has created three different menus: one for kids, one classic menu, and a 100% vegetarian menu. As a starter, you’ll find the pizza al formaggio fatta in casa con corallina e vignarola di primavera con uovo poché. For a first course, you can choose from three different options: teglia di lasagna alle verdure, timballo alla ternana or cannelloni con prosciutto e ricotta. The main course has three variants: the traditional abbacchio al forno with potatoes, il polpettone ripieno di castagne con patate novelle brasate or the carciofi ripieni stufati. For dessert you’ll find the torta limone e vaniglia. There’s also a kid’s menu!

Livello 1

Call 06 5037472
Delivered on April 12th and/or 13th

Want to opt for an unconventional Easter lunch or Pasquetta and go with a delicious seafood menu? Lucky for you, Livello 1 is delivering to the EUR – Torrino – Laurentina – Serafico- Vallerano – Montagnola – Ottavo Colle – Tre Fontane – Fonte Meravigliosa and Fonte Laurentin areas! The seafood menu includes: catalana di baccalà (€10); calamaro ripieno mare e monti (€10); crema di scampa (€10); ragù di mare (€10); carciofo alla romana (€10).


Call 06 6940 2296
€35 per person
Delivered on April 12th

This urban jungle footsteps from Campo de’ Fiori is also delivering a delicious Easter menu this year for just €35 per person (delivery costs excluded). The menu includes the torta rustica uova asparagi e salame in addition to your choice between the coratella with artichokes and the tortino di patate e spinaci con cuore fondente al parmigiano. For the first course, there are two options to choose from: the cannelloni di ricotta e spinaci al ragu or the lasagna broccoli, salsiccia and provola. And to finish off, the main course is your choice between the abbacchio al forno with potato and the costolette di abbacchio panate con carciofi alla romana.

Per Me

Orders up to 24 hours in advance
Call 06 687 7365  or email
€90 per person
Delivered on April 12th

Want to opt for a Michelin-starred Easter menu? You can with Per Me by Giulio Terrinoni! The menu includes a babà salato ripieno di patè di fegatini e caramello di cipolle and a torta di patate e carciofi for starters; the cannelloni alle tre carni con fonduta di pecorino affumicato, asparagi e uovo mimosa as a first course; the porchetta d’agnello, topinambur alla romana, cicoria romana as a main the ricordo di ricotta e caffè to conclude, tozzetti e frutta secce e cioccolata.

Il Convivio Troiani

Orders by 12pm of the day before
Call or text: 066869432 o 3356523634
€50 per person

Il Convivio has always paid a great attention to its ingredients. This Easter, chef Angelo Troiano has created a fabulous menu which includes the following dishes: “Chia-viale”,  capasanta gratinata con pan croccante di corallina, mascarpone, agretti, aglio nero; “Spacca supplì giallo zafferano”, cacio cavallo e broccoletti; “Lasagna di sfoglia alla spirulina”, funghi, besciamella di more e cacio cavallo podolico or, as an alternative the “Lasagna c’era una volta”, sugo di carne sfilacciata a mano, mozzarella, parmigiano extra vecchio; rollé di agnello con frittatina di asparagi selvatici, carciofo, salsa bbq di goji e alghe. The menu is available from Friday April 10th. You can also purchase a wine bottle with a 30% discount. For dessert, you can order a Colomba, for an additional €15.

Chocolate Eggs and Colombe in Rome: food delivery services

It’s not Easter without an Easter egg or a Colomba, everyone knows that. Apart from being able to purchase the famed chocolate eggs from more commercial brands at the grocery store, you can also order some of the best Easter eggs in Rome from the following pasticcerie and bakeries!

Chocolate Eggs and Colombe in Rome: food delivery services


Thanks to small producers, Easter at Eataly has always been amazing: over 80 different types of chocolate eggs and colombe, as well as delicious cheeses, salami, fresh meat and seafood await you.  There’s quite the promotion this year, you have a 30% discount on all the chocolate egg selection! There’s also the 3×2 colomba promotion, for every three colombe you purchase, one is for free!


For those that don’t know SAID, it’s one of the chocolate institutions of Rome. And for Easter, you can order some of their famed chocolate sweets. From the amazing chocolate Easter eggs to the praline boxes, there’s an incredible selection to choose from. Prices range from €10, €15.50, €20 and €30. Check their website!


Order Bompiani’s 1kg colomba at €35 from The colomba is renowned for its unforgettable aroma of vanilla. You can also order the pastiera napoletana, the casatiello and the small chocolate eggs.

Grezzo Raw Chocolate

Can you believe that this Raw Vegan shop has already sold out its chocolate Easter eggs? But lucky for us, just for Rome, they’re creating some more last-minute Easter eggs to be distributed on the 9th and 10th of April. Place your order asap!

Le Levain

Order a colomba from Le Levain, classified as one of the 13 best colombe in Italy by Cookist! In addition to the colomba, made with lievito madre, pamplie butter, candied oranges and a crunchy glaze with granella of sugar and bitter almonds, you can order the Pastiera and the “Nature” Chocolate eggs that have a special shape!

Antico Forno Roscioli

Order your artisanal colomba from Antico Forno Roscioli. You can have them delivered to you or you can pick them up directly at the store, which is open. Orders are of a minimum of €20 and can be made by calling 06 686 4045.

Pasticceria Barberini

Natural yeast, butter, candied oranges from Sicily: these are the ingredients of the Colomba of Pasticceria Barberini. They delivery right at your doorstep with a free delivery within 10 kilometers from their pasticceria. The colombas come at the price of €30 per kg. You can order them by messaging them on WhatsApp at +39 329 9658440.

Panificio Bonci

From the casatiello to the pastiera and pastiera lievitata, you can order many traditional Easter sweets from Panificio Bonci. And the famous colomba couldn’t be missing either! The 30kg colomba can be delivered to your house through their personal delivery service or through and

Holy Week in Rome during the Coronavirus

Holy week in Italy 2020
Photo from EWTN Vatican

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 Easter celebrations in Italy will take place in confinement. On April 5th, Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord, the Pope will celebrate the commemoration of the entry of the Lord into Jerusalem and the Holy Mass at 11am. While there won’t be the Chrism Mass on Holy Thursday (April 9) and there won’t be the Via Crucis, or “Way of the Cross”, on Good Friday (April 10) retracing Christ’s way to his crucifixion, usually departing from the Colosseum and attended by thousands of faithful. Instead, the Via Crucis it will take place on the parvis of St. Peter’s Basilica.

On Holy Thursday (April 9), the Mass of the Lord’s Supper will take place at 6pm. There will be two celebrations on Good Friday (April 10): at 6pm the Pope will preside over the celebration of the Passion of the Lord, and at 9pm the Via della Crucis will take place on the parvis of St. Peter’s Basilica. On Holy Saturday (April 11) there will be the Easter vigil in the Holy Night at 9pm. And on Easter Sunday (April 12), the celebration of the Holy Mass of the Resurrection of the Lord will take place at 11am. Once the mass is over, the Holy Father will impart the “Urbi et Orbi” blessing at 12pm. You can see the celebrations live here.

What to do in Rome on Easter (before the coronavirus)

As you may have noticed, religious celebrations besides being deeply rooted in Italians’ traditions, are also deeply rooted in the Italians’ hearts. Surely, Easter is among the most loved ones. Its celebration extends over one entire week, the Holy Week, during which families reunite, attend various religious events, and enjoy big meals together.

However, whether you are celebrating your Easter with your family, friends or alone, I’m happy to tell you that there is a lot you can do here in Rome on Easter. The city and its nearby towns offer many opportunities to discover old celebrations and local traditional foods. Let’s start with the firsts.


Religious events in Rome during Easter

One of the most important religious event in Rome is the traditional Via Crucis or “Way of the Cross” led by Pope Francis. The procession, which retraces Christ’s way to his crucifixion, will depart from the Colosseum on April 19th at 9.15pm. The Rome Via Crucis is attended by thousands of faithful, that it is why the procession is usually very crowded. If you are looking for something smaller and more intimate, there are alternatives as much as traditional.

On the night of Good Friday, the small town of Bracciano commemorates the Via Crucis throughout the alleys of its medieval center. The town, located only 40 minutes north to Rome, will host a religious reenactment composed of more than 150 performers. Every year, the actors’ old traditional costumes and Bracciano’s enchanting medieval atmosphere attract people from all over Italy. The procession of the Good Friday is also celebrated in many neighboring towns such as Albano Laziale, Castel Madama and Nerola.

If you’re in Rome during Holy Week, don’t miss out on the Papal Audience on Wednesday. You can get tickets here. 

Traditional Easter breakfast

On Easter morning, the traditional breakfast is one of my family’s unavoidable traditions. This meal, a sort of Italianized brunch, is composed of cold cuts, boiled eggs, different types of cheese, pizza di pasqua (either sweet or salty), fruits and, of course, the just-opened chocolate eggs. Now that I am vegetarian, this traditional breakfast has been enriched with other tasty foods. My favorite one is the Erbazzone, an Italian typical salty quiche stuffed with wild herbs and spices that vary across each region.

After the breakfast, I remember my grandma hurrying to clean the house before going to the morning Mass, so she could have everything ready for the subsequent big lunch. If you are planning on spending your Easter in Rome, you can go to any church and participate to the Easter Mass. Also, if you’re thinking big, you can try to get some free tickets for the Mass in San Peter for you and your family. Just make sure to arrive a few hours early!

Traditional Easter lunch

Easter in Rome

After the morning Mass, Italian families always reunite for the traditional lunch. The more traditional will stay home preparing typical foods, others, instead, prefer to go to a restaurant. Whatever will be your decision, the variety of typical foods will amaze you. Easter dishes vary all across Italy: each town has different traditions! 

However, there are some universal and must-have dishes shared all over the country: fried artichokes, lasagna, torta pasqualina, colomba pasquale and, of course, the chocolate eggsIf you’re looking for an Easter lunch in Rome, Il Marchese at Via di Ripetta and Centro near Monti are great choices with their special Easter menu. 

While Pasticceria Bompiani in Rome creates beautifully decorated chocolate eggs, which are inspired by the works of contemporary artists, transforming a chocolate egg in an art piece. Another patisserie that will amaze you is Grezzo Raw Chocolate. This Raw Vegan shop combines the benefits of highly nutritious ingredients with the goodness of pure and natural flavors, making you forget of all the common stereotypes on vegan food.

How to celebrate Pasquetta Italian style

Easter in Rome

The last day of celebration after Pasqua is Pasquetta. Easter Monday is usually spent by Italians as a day trip to the countryside. Families and friends meet to have a relaxing picnic in nature, either organizing a nice barbecue or bringing the left-overs from the Sunday Easter lunch. Thanks to the FAI, the park of Villa Gregoriana in Tivoli, opens to the public during the Easter Weekend, offering also the possibility to buy baskets of local products to enjoy a beautiful picnic in nature. Villa Greogoriana will for sure amaze you with its waterfalls and caves, and, best of all, it is very close to Rome and reachable also by train or a bus from Stazione Tiburtina.

Check out some more day trips you can take to celebrate Pasquetta

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