What to do in Rome on Easter 2022


How to spend Easter 2022 in Rome: Easter lunch; Chocolate Eggs and Colombe; Holy Week

Finally, after 2 years of restrictions, people in Italy will be allowed to spend Easter together with family and friends or have lunch in a restaurant. For sure, all the old traditions will also come back. Among them: the traditional Easter breakfast and lunch, the exchange of chocolate eggs, and tuning in on Holy Mass.

As you may have noticed, religious celebrations besides being deeply rooted in Italians’ traditions, are also deeply rooted in the Italians’ hearts. Surely, Easter is among the most loved ones. Its celebration extends over one entire week, the Holy Week, during which families reunite, attend various religious events, and enjoy big meals together.

Whether you are celebrating Easter with your family, friends, or alone, we are happy to tell you that there is a lot you can do here in Rome on Easter. The city and its nearby towns offer many opportunities to discover old celebrations and local traditional foods.

The 2022 Guide to Easter in Rome

Traditional Easter lunch in Rome

After the morning Mass, Italian families always reunite for a traditional lunch. The more traditional will stay home preparing typical foods, others, instead, prefer to go to a restaurant. Whatever your decision is, the variety of typical foods will amaze you.

Easter dishes vary across Italy: each town has different traditions!  However, there are some universal and must-have dishes shared all over the country: fried artichokes, lasagna, torta pasqualina, colomba pasquale, and the chocolate eggs

Check out our proposals for a typical Easter lunch in Rome.

Aqualunae Bistrot

Piazza dei Quiriti, 19/20
€83 per person, 32€ wine pairing

Chef Emanuele Paoloni created a special tasting menu for Easter lunch, starting with the Chef welcome and a tasting of award-winning oil and salts. To follow Bufala croccante con cuore di corallina e gelato al parmigiano salsati con demi glacés, artichokes soufflé, fois gras quenelle and delicious fagottini. Then pici pasta with battuto di “piuma” spuma di carciofo arrosto, caviale di salmone e aroma di litsea and rack of lamb with yogurt and asparagus salad. For dessert, the colomba nell’uovo.

Hotel Eden

Via Ludovisi, 49

Easter Lunch
€140 per person, coffee included, drinks not included

Chef Fabio Ciervo prepared an amazing meal for Easter lunch, to be tasted on the beautiful rooftop restaurant of Eden Hotel. This will be the menu: creamed peas, burrata, and prawns as a starter, then, as the first dish, tortelli with lamb stew. As a second dish, you can choose between cod with cannellini cream or veal shank. And to close the meal in a sweet way, try vanilla, green apple, and elderflower and the Colomba Easter cake created by pastry chef Ezio Redolfi.

Easter Monday Brunch
€100 per person, water and coffee included

Celebrate Pasquetta by enjoying a special brunch! You will taste a selection of delicacies (from mixed cold cut platter to duck foi gras bonbon), two types of pasta (tortelli with cuttlefish ink, salmon,  and Roman courgettes and risotto with broad beans and pecorino) and a choice of meat or fish. As dessert there will be a selection of petits fours, Colomba Easter cake and chocolate Easter eggs.

Cuoco e Camicia

Via di Monte Polacco, 2/4
Book on line: cuocoecamicia.it
€60 per person

The Easter tasting menu created by chef Riccardo Loreni has been inspired by roman tradition and seasonal products. The lunch includes a selection of mise en bouche and a flute of Franciacorta, and then ovetto, carbonara and asparagus. The chef’s proposal for the first dish is bottoni filled with artichokes, vignarola, and pecorino, a true explosion of flavors. Following a Fiorentina lamb steak. For dessert caramel, coffee, and ginger apricot.

Numa al Circo

Viale Aventino, 20

The traditional flavors of Easter mark the dishes of the restaurant Numa al Circo on Viale Aventino. In addition to the la carte menu, chef Davide Cianetti proposes typical Easter specialties such as lasagna with lamb sauce, fettuccine alla vignarola, lamb, artichokes, and casatiello which is the donut-shaped salted bread characteristic of Easter celebrations. To close the meal they offer unmissable sweets.

Don Pasquale – Maalot Roma Restaurant

Via delle Muratte 78
06/878087 hotelmaalot.com
€80 per person, wine and beverages not included

The Easter menu created by Chef Domenico Boschi is dedicated to the traditional roman cuisine, but updated with some innovations. The menu includes Sfoglia rustica alla Vignarola, Lasagna with Roman artichokes and Cacio cheese, Lamb with smashed potatoes and cicoria, and for dessert colomba, Chantilly and berries and Don Pasquale Chocolate egg.

Beverly – Easter Brunch

Largo Benedetto Marcello, 220
06/94502727 thehoxton.com/it/rome/beverly-restaurant/
a la carte menu

Hoxton’s Beverly extends its brunch not only to Saturday and Sunday but also to Easter Monday. From 11am to 3pm you will find some typical Easter and Roman dishes on the menu in addition to their classic selection.

Adelaide – Hotel Vilòn restaurant

Via dell’Arancio 69
€100 per person, wine and beverages not included

The Easter lunch proposed by Gabriele Muro and sous chef Federico Sartucci is strongly influenced by the tradition: vignarola, fettuccine with asparagus, guanciale and country herbs, gnocchi cacio pepe and cicorietta, lamb with herbs and artichokes. And for dessert, colomba and the artistic chocolate eggs made by Andrea De Benedetto, the young chef pâtissier of Vilòn, who has created decorated eggs of different sizes which will welcome guests also in the hotel rooms.


Via Po, 45/A 69
06 8412803 – bucavino.com
€55 per person, wine not included

At Bucavino you will enjoy an Easter lunch just like at home, with a tasting menu also available to take away. Start choosing among casatiello, salami and vignarola, or Carciofo alla giudia or puntarelle salad with smoked stracciata and anchovies. Then Lasagna with asparagus, taleggio and fine herbs, together with pacchero with lamb sauce and olives. For second dish, veal stew with white wine, porcini mushrooms and vegetables or roast veal stuffed with lard, pears and potatoes. And for dessert try their special Colomba ice cream!

Hosteria Grappolo d’Oro

Piazza della Cancelleria, 80
06/6897080 hosteriagrappolodoro.it

Start your Easter food celebration with antipasto pasquale composed of eggs, corallina salame, coratella and pizza al formaggio. On Easter day Chef Antonello Magliari will prepare handmade ravioli filled with gricia artichokes. Then, the unmissable roman Easter dish: coratella with artichokes. If you are still hungry, enjoy the typical crostata ricotta e visciole and the maritozzi della Quaresima for dessert.

Queen Makeda Grand Pub

Via di San Saba, 11
06.5759608 – queenmakeda.it
Easter lunch €30 per person
Easter Monday Brunch €25 per person, beverages not included

Easter lunch

For Easter Queen Makeda Grand Pub offers a special lunch from 12:30am to 4pm with some of the traditional Easter dishes from the world.
For example as starter you can choose among quiche lorraine, omelette roll with cream cheese with mint, vegetable strudel and pecorino cheese, or mini burritos with artichokes and ricotta, or panelle with zucchini, corallina and casatiello. Then continue with, among the other proposals, Easter Ham, the typical ham glazed with cane sugar, flavored with carnation flowers and dry mustard served with potato salad and pineapple glazed, or cous cous with lamb curry and sweet peppers, lamb burger, artichokes, cheese and pepper sauce accompanied by French fries and homemade sauces. And for dessert try the carrot cake with ginger or the colomba with mascarpone cream, or the ricotta with orange crumble.

Easter Monday Brunch

The brunch takes inspiration from the typical Easter monday picnic with friends. Among the starters you will find Jacked Potatoes and Benedict eggs, to be followed by many proposals, including porchetta Queen Makeda, pastrami carpaccio, potatoes salad, chickpea hamburger with burrata and caramel onion and chips. And for dessert try the carrot cake with ginger or the colomba with mascarpone cream, or the ricotta with orange crumble.

ViVi Villa Pamphili

Via Vitellia, 102
€50 for 2 people

Easter and Easter Monday picnic at Villa Pamphili

On April 17 and 18, ViVi offers a picnic menu to enjoy comfortably sitting on the lawn of Villa Pamphili, the largest park in the capital. The menu will include quiche with eggs, spinach, ricotta and bacon, bio boiled egg, baked chichen, tiramisu with coffee crumble, and VitaminWater with ginger and lime.

You can organize your picnic take away, with the practical compostable food box provided by ViVi. You will choose what to eat from the website, choosing dishes “à la carte” in the section dedicated to picnics. You will be able to make your own order up to an hour before collection, then Vivi will deliver you a food box in paper that you can take you wherever you want!

Picnic Deluxe: Romantic and Country style (At the end of the picnic the basket and mat have to be returned).

The Romantic picnic (€60 for 2 pp) and the Country style picnic (€50 for 2 pp) are both delivered in a wicker basket, equipped with ceramic plates and glass glasses, along with a colored mat.

The Romantic Picnic offers delicacies such as chickpea hummus with Arabic bread triangles, Caesar salad with organic chicken, salad, parmesan flakes, croûtons and Cesar sauce and home made cheese cake, as well as natural water and a bottle of organic prosecco.
The Picnic Campagnolo has simple and genuine flavors and includes focaccia with seasonal organic vegetables and chickpea hummus, vegan Caesar salad with salad, vegetable shreds, dried tomatoes, croûtons and Caesar sauce, organic chocolate brownies, homemade, natural water and a bottle of organic red wine.


The 2022 Guide to Easter in Rome

Chocolate Eggs and Colombe in Rome

It is not Easter without an Easter egg or a Colomba, everyone knows that. Apart from being able to purchase famed chocolate eggs from more commercial brands at the grocery store. You can also try some of the best Easter eggs in Rome from the following pasticcerie and bakeries!

Eataly Rome

Thanks to small producers, Easter at Eataly has always been amazing: they offer over 90 different of chocolate eggs and colombe, as well as delicious cheeses, salami, fresh meat, and seafood. There is quite the promotion this year, you have a 20% discount on all the colombas and chocolate egg selection (with a minimum purchase of 2 pieces of the same category). Try the new Apple Colomba by Vergani, the famous brand born in Milan in 1944, or, among the eggs, the dark Plato with raspberries (an egg with a particular flat shape in dark chocolate entirely covered with raspberry grains), created by Majani, the Bolognese brand that has been working with chocolate since 1796.


For those that don’t know SAID, it’s one of the chocolate institutions of Rome. And for Easter, you can buy or order some of their famed chocolate sweets. From the amazing chocolate Easter eggs to the praline boxes, there’s an incredible selection to choose from. Prices range from €10, €15.50, €20 and €30. Check their website!


Pasticceria Bompiani’s colomba is renowned for its unforgettable aroma of vanilla. You can buy it in their shop in largo Benedetto Bompiani 8, or order online their 1kg colomba at €38. You can also order the pastiera napoletana, the casatiello and the small chocolate eggs.

Grezzo Raw Chocolate

This Raw Vegan shop will give you the opportunity to try the only Raw Chocolate Eggs in the world! Try their 2022 collection of vegan, gluten-free Easter Eggs, made with raw chocolate from Peru, including the raw chocolate egg made with 85% of cocoa sweetened with erythritol, a sweetener extracted from plants with zero calories. And do not forget their famous Krumorini, the perfect dessert created to celebrate Easter at its best, with 2 new versions: sugar-free with nuts, and with nuts and salty caramel.

Le Levain

Buy or order a colomba from Le Levain, classified as one of the 13 best colombe in Italy by Cookist! In addition to the colomba (€35), made with lievito madre, pamplie butter, candied oranges, and a crunchy glaze with granules of sugar and bitter almonds, you can order the Pastiera (€24-32).

Antico Forno Roscioli

Antico Forno Roscioli is one of the most famous places for food delicacies in Rome. Buy their classical artisanal colomba (€30) or the stuffed (€34); you can also order on cosaporto.it.

Pasticceria Barberini

Natural yeast, butter, candied oranges from Sicily: these are the ingredients of the Colomba of Pasticceria Barberini. The colombas come at the price of €35 per kg.

Panificio Bonci

From the casatiello to the pastiera, you can buy many traditional Easter sweets from Panificio Bonci. And the famous colomba could not be missing either! This year the box containing their 30kg colomba has been designed by Lucamaleonte, the famous roman street artist!

Holy Week in Rome

On April 10th, Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord, the Pope will celebrate the commemoration of the entry of the Lord into Jerusalem and the Holy Mass at 10am. On Holy Thursday (April 14), the Chrism Mass will take place at 9.30am and the Mass of the Lord’s Supper will take place at 6pm.

One of the most important religious events in Rome is the traditional Via Crucis or “Way of the Cross” led by Pope Francis. The procession, which retraces Christ’s way to his crucifixion, will depart from the Colosseum at 9:15pm on April 15th. The Rome Via Crucis is attended by thousands of faithful people, that is why the procession is usually very crowded. If you are looking for something smaller and more intimate, there are alternatives too.

Also, on the night of Good Friday, the small town of Bracciano commemorates the Via Crucis throughout the alleys of its medieval center. The town, located only 40 minutes north of Rome, will host a religious reenactment composed of more than 150 performers. Every year, the actors’ old traditional costumes and Bracciano’s enchanting medieval atmosphere attract people from all over Italy. The procession of Good Friday is also celebrated in many neighboring towns such as Albano Laziale, Castel Madama, and Nerola.

On Holy Saturday (April 16) there will be the Easter vigil in the Holy Night at 7:30pm. And on Easter Sunday (April 17), the celebration of the Holy Mass of the Resurrection of the Lord will take place at 10am. Once the mass is over, the Holy Father will impart the “Urbi et Orbi” blessing at 12pm.

If you’re in Rome during Holy Week, don’t miss out on the Papal Audience on Wednesday. You can get tickets here. 

Traditional Easter breakfast

On Easter morning, the traditional breakfast is one of my family’s unavoidable traditions. This meal, a sort of Italianized brunch, is composed of cold cuts, boiled eggs, different types of cheese, pizza di pasqua (either sweet or salty), fruits, and the just-opened chocolate eggs. Now that I am vegetarian, this traditional breakfast has been enriched with other tasty foods. My favorite one is the Erbazzone, an Italian typical salty quiche stuffed with wild herbs and spices that vary across each region.

After breakfast, I remember my grandma hurrying to clean the house before going to the morning Mass, so she could have everything ready for the big lunch. If you are planning to spend your Easter in Rome, you can go to any church and participate in Easter Mass. Also, if you are thinking big, you can try to get some free tickets for the Mass in San Peter for you and your family. Just make sure to arrive a few hours early!

How to celebrate Pasquetta Italian style

Easter in Rome

The last day of celebration after Pasqua is Pasquetta. Easter Monday is usually spent by Italians as a day trip to the countryside. Families and friends meet to have a relaxing picnic in some of the beautiful parks of Rome, either organizing a nice barbecue or bringing the leftovers from the Sunday Easter lunch. Thanks to the FAI, the park of Villa Gregoriana in Tivoli, opens to the public during the Easter Weekend. Villa Gregoriana will certainly amaze you with its waterfalls and caves, and, best of all, it is close to Rome and reachable also by train or a bus from Stazione Tiburtina.

Check out some more day trips you can take to celebrate Pasquetta

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