The best events in Rome this spring 2022

What’s on in Rome this Spring: events to mark on your calendar

Spring is one of the best times you can visit Rome. The weather is beautiful and milder than the summer months, there are fewer tourists, and the city is lively. The flowers are blooming, and everyone has that fresh pep in their step. You’ll definitely want to get out and see the sights, especially because there will be fewer tourists, but of course, you’ll want to check out some events, as springtime in Rome is filled with them. As we’re getting closer to spring, the official 2022 Rome spring event dates are being announced.

Rome E-Prix

April 9-10
Eur Neighbourhood

events in rome in springtime

For the fourth year, you can gather to watch the world’s foremost electric race car drivers duel it out. Formula E is a electric-only racing championship which has been happening yearly since 2014. Rome hosts one of the longest tracks in the league right on the outskirts of the city. You can watch the ancient and state-of-the-art collide (though hopefully not literally) at several different times if you go to watch the practice runs, though the race only lasts 50 minutes.

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Spring Exhibitions in Rome

Chiostro del Bramante presents: CRAZY - Madness in Contemporary Art

The eternal city is known for greatness in many areas, a prominent one being art. Rome is home to countless museums and art galleries. As a hub for global art, Rome has everything from ancient classical art to leading contemporary art. Some exhibitions you should check out in Rome this spring are: 

  • London Calling – A contemporary art exhibition featuring the most influential artists including artists, such as David Hockney, Damien Hirst, and Idris Khan, who have been influenced by the city of London will be available from until July 17 at Palazzo Cipolla.
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  • Tokyo Revisited – A photography show highlighting the alluring street photography of Daido Moriyama and Shomei Tomatsu coming from Japan, will available from April 14 to October 16 at MAXXI.
  • Superbarocco – An exhibition celebrating Genovese art during the Baroque period, will be available until July 3 at Scuderie del Quirinale.
  • Guido Reni and Rome. Nature and Devotion. – An exhibit honoring the master painter Guido Reni, centering around the painting Country Dance, which had been lost since the 19th century and only resurfaced in 2008, will be available until May 22 at Galleria Borghese.
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  • Crazy – Madness in Contemporary Art – An exploration of mental health in contemporary art highlighting the extreme creativity that often pairs with these illnesses, will be showcased until January 8, 2023 at Chiostro del Bramante.
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  • JAGO. The Exhibition – Is the first major solo exhibition of sculptor JAGO. JAGO offers a contemporary take on Renaissance style marble sculptures, creating absolutely sublime works. You can see this exhibition until July 3 at Palazzo Bonaparte.
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  • Icons Of Light – Bill Viola –  A video art exhibition like no other; this experience is a dive into a unique minimalistic style of art that is one of a kind. The exhibition starkly contrasts the absurd and meta visuals of the videos with the classical Baroque architiecture of the venue. The experience will invoke reflection and challenge you. This will be available until June 26 at Palazzo Bonaparte.
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There are countless opportunities to see one of a kind art in Rome this spring and these are some must see highlights. Go enjoy!


Open House Rome 

May 21-22
Various locations

Open House Roma 2019
French Academy. Ph: Assaf Shoshan.jpg

For a rare peek inside of Rome’s architectural and design wonders, make sure to check out some of the events during Open House Rome, that this year turns 10! Part of a global event occurring throughout more than 30 cities every year, the event showcases beautiful architecture for all for free. There are five categories of places to check out: Abitare (visits to private apartments), Architettura del Quotidiano (little known buildings to many of the city’s residents), Factory e produzione creativa (new sites of innovation and creative production), Attraversare la storia (Rome’s buildings through the various historical ages), and Città della conoscenza (visiting the city’s sites of knowledge, culture and research).

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BNL International Tennis Tournament

May  2 – 15
Foro Italico
Viale dei Gladiatori, 31 

Internazionali di Tennis

Entering its 79th year, the BNL International Tennis Tournament is not to miss, even for those not as familiar with the sport. Top names in the game compete every year in this prestigious, glamorous competition. Aside from the competition itself, fantastic food, shopping, and celebrity performance surrounding the events.

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Piazza di Siena International Horse Show

May 25-29
Piazza di Siena, Villa Borghese

Piazza di Siena International Horse Show Rome
CSIO Roma 2018 – Rolex GP Roma – Giulia Martinengo Marquet on Verdine SZ
– Roma, Piazza di Siena, 27 May 2018 – – ph.Mario Grassia/FISE

For five days in May, you can watch some of the world’s greatest equestrians take part in competitions of show jumping, traditional riding, and polo matches. Some of the most magnificent horses in the world will gather in the beautiful Villa Borghese alongs with some of the world’s most lavish upper crust. If you’re looking for class, you have no choice but to attend.

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