Villa Betania International Care

Villa Betania International Care

Healthcare Services for Expats, International Students, Tourists

Villa Betania International Care is the International Patient Department of Villa Betania, a private clinic which delivers state-of-the-art comprehensive care and dedicated services for expats, foreign students and tourists. The clinic has outstanding facilities, exceptionally high standards of care, comfortable rooms. There are English-speaking doctors and multilingual interpreters available 24/7.

Trained and experienced multilingual personnel will assist every foreign patient during their consultations or their admission in the hospital and throughout their hospitalization period, ensuring their visit is as comforting and stress-free as possible. 

Villa Betania International Care works directly with the patient’s international insurers, carrying out all the necessary procedures on their behalf. They will handle any administrative issues such as getting in touch with the patient’s insurance company and, where applicable, billing the international or travel insurance directly.

The Villa Betania International Patient Department offers a comprehensive range of services for patients and their families.

Villa Betania International Care Rome

Schedule appointments, labs and diagnostic testing


Their multi-language team of dentists offers dental care.

House call doctors

Their doctors can also come to you and perform house visits.

Online consultation

They also offer online and video medical consultation if you are not sure you should book an appointment.

Diagnostic imaging

They perform ultrasounds, X-Rays, CT-scans, and MRI.

Additionally, they also offer: ambulance services, full hospitalization, home nursing services, mental health help, sports medicine, and more.


Logo Villa Betania International Care


Address: Via Pio IV, 42 – 00165 Roma

Email address: 
Mobile phone: (+39) 345.261.2689

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