Vitala Festival

vitala festival rome
On Journey from Ithaca. Photo by Fabio Barilari

Rome’s Vitala Festival kicks off its 8th edition

From Jazz and Blues to Soul, R&B, Rock, Gospel and Pop, get ready for the eighth edition of Vitala Festival right here in Rome. For those who aren’t aware of the Vitala Festival, it’s a self-funded philanthropic festival promoting live music and visual arts, organized in collaboration with Teatro San Genesio in Rome’s Prati area. 

Vitala Festival Rome
Chicago High Spirits. Photo by Fabio Barilari

From September to June, artists from different walks 0f life and diverse nationalities come together with the purpose of entertaining the community, supporting the arts and fostering cultural integration. Over the years, the Festival has hosted over 150 artists, with monthly performances and events programmed. 

Eddie & The Hot Rocks. Photo by Fabio Barilari
vitala festival rome
Thieves&Poets Project_feat.Chiara Piccione. Photo by Fabio Barilari

With an average of 20 events per season, there’s a lot in store for music lovers.  As a philanthropic project, the Vitala Festival is made possible by the kind attendance of the public and the generosity of individual donors and supporters. The proceeds from the tickets go to defray production costs. Special thanks go to all the artists and performers, to Teatro San Genesio, to the Festival’s technical team and collaborators, to the kind donors and of course to the audience.

All performances take place at Teatro San Genesio, located in via Podgora 1 (near Viale Mazzini). The programs of past and current seasons are available on the theatre’s website or the Festival’s Facebook Page.

vitala festival logo

As of March 2020, following the government’s decrees to contain the spreading of Coronavirus, Vitala Festival had to suspend all activities, as did many other organizations and enterprises.

As a self-funded philanthropic initiative, which has been running for over 8 years, hosting over 200 musicians, singers, performers and visual artists, this is a difficult time for the Festival. However we trust and hope to kick off a new season of events, as soon as possible.

Vitala Festival promotes a variety of events, featuring mainly live music and visual arts, with the purpose of supporting artists. Our public and followers are precious to us so we hope you will keep following our online sessions on both our FB and Instagram pages:


We also have a few outdoor benefit events planned between the end of August and September.

For further info, follow our FB page or contact:


Thank you for your kind support!

on behalf Vitala Festival Production Team


Via Podgora 1 (Prati)





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