Jazz & Image Festival


Jazz concerts facing the Colosseum

Until the 15th of October the Parco del Celio will be hosting the event JAZZ&IMAGE organised by the historic Jazz Club of Rome Alexanderplatz Jazz Club, with the artistic direction of Eugenio Rubei. It will be home to both Italian and international musicians alike, performing throughout the end of the summer.

Get ready to experience the captivating fusion of jazz and the majestic Colosseum in the heart of Rome. With a stunning panoramic view, this event promises to make Rome the jazz capital. Take in the mesmerizing music while treating yourself to a delicious dining experience at a table that offers a breathtaking overlook of one of the world’s most iconic archaeological wonders.

The concerts begin at 9.30pm, and you can secure tickets starting from 5 euros.


Among the artists present in the billboard, there are Threegonos, Ronnie Burrage and Wayne Escoffery, Jason Marsalis, Rossana Casale, Daniele Sepe and his band, Nik West, who worked with Prince, Fabrizio Sferra, Enzo Pietropaoli, Roberto Gatto, Javier Girotto, Federico Zampaglione, Fabrizio Bosso, Mario Donatone and many others.

But the event does not only consist on nightly concerts; the space is open from midday and awaits us with seminars, rehearsals, music courses, and other various cultural activities – all for free. It’s a lovely pastime activity for families, for the lovers of music, or for anyone who would like to learn more about the world of Jazz.

You can find the programme on their website. To book concerts whatsapp +39 3499770309 or e-mail: prenotazioni.alexanderplatz@gmail.com


Till October 15, 2023

Viale Parco del Celio

Concerts begin at 9.30pm

Free entrance till 8pm – after €5

+39 3499770309 (only whatsapp)


Rome Summer Festivals 2023

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