Voodoo Bar in Rome

Rome’s New Go-To Place for Outdoor Festivities

Upon arriving at the newly opened Voodoo Bar, located just at the gates of Monti on the Colle Oppio, you may start to wonder if you have stepped into an alternate universe. Voodoo, a 2000 sqm park, is unlike anything Rome has ever seen. Upon walking in, following a candlelit path in the evening as if some sort of ceremony were taking place, you’re greeted with face paint to become a part of the Voodoo “tribe.” Within this entirely outdoor space, you will find a tropical restaurant, live art performance, a craft expo, Caribbean bar, healing area, voodoo garden, and street food.

Voodoo Bar in Rome

With so many different things to do in this unique, exotic space it’s the perfect place to relax, chill, and enjoy a nice summer night with friends. For those looking to take relaxation up a notch, you can even utilize massage services in the “Healing Area”. Here, you can unwind and let go of any pressures with the help of a certified massage specialist. The cost for a 20-minute massage is €20. This space is private and tucked away from the bars and food stations for a more peaceful experience.

Voodoo Bar in Rome

Afterwards, head to the Caribbean Bar and try one of their signature cocktails infused with a variation of fruits and flavors, such as the Voodoo Hurricane passion fruit drink or El Diablito, a tequila, citrusy beverage. Structured in the shape of a teepee, this bar is hard to miss once you enter and will most likely be one of the most popular areas of Voodoo.

The street food area has several choices to choose from ranging from a sushi bar to a pizza station to satisfy all palates. You can also opt to eat at the Tropical Restaurant which is located on the opposite side and offers dishes from South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. The dishes range from chicken fajitas to curry and range in price from €8-16.

Voodoo Bar in Rome

Voodoo Bar in Rome

You can expect several events going on here all summer, from live performances to special dancers and “themed evenings.”

The un-traditional seating allows for a very relaxed and cozy atmosphere with a variation of seats, cushions, and hammocks scattered throughout the space. The décor and lightening is very bohemian and almost feels as if you are at a friend’s home versus a bar or restaurant. With plenty of outdoor space, there is no doubt Voodoo will be the go-to place for summer in Rome.

Voodoo Bar in Rome

Voodoo Bar in Rome

With so much to do at Voodoo, there will be no shortage of entertainment and good times. From the healing massages, exotic drinks, tarot card readings, and live performances, it’s no wonder the word of this newly opened bar is already catching fire. Free entrance is granted to this magical space every evening.

4A, 00184 Roma, Italia


Via delle Terme di Traiano, 4a (Monti/Colle Oppio)

Opening time

Open daily, 6pm-4am


T 392 604 5465


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