Zoomarine, the water park of Rome

zoomarine rome

A water amusement park that packs in fun and educational experiences for all its visitors

There is a magical place just a stone’s throw from Rome, a water amusement park where both young and old can have fun while being in close contact with nature, surrounded by attractions, and enjoying entertaining shows featuring animals.

We are talking about Zoomarine, the water amusement park located in Torvaianica, in the municipality of Pomezia, about 23 miles (37 kilometers) from Rome. It covers an area of 40,000 square meters, featuring thrill rides, a 4D cinema, pools, and a water park. Inside, there is also a marine zoo: immersed in the Mediterranean vegetation, you will have the opportunity to visit The Dolphin Island, The Bay of Seals, The Parrot Forest, and The Raptor Plain. Along the Walkway of the Ponds, educational demonstrations with dolphins, seals and sea lions, tropical birds, raptors, and aquatic animals take place.

Zoomarine offers such a wide range of attractions that it manages to captivate a diverse audience, including all age groups: children, teenagers, couples, and families. This is thanks to the many shows that unfold throughout the day and the numerous attractions available.



The attractions

The park offers many attractions, and we’ll highlight a few for you.

Cancun Beach is one of the most popular attractions: it’s a gigantic pool with varying depths, suitable for both expert swimmers and children. Dive into the fun, with water jets and slides!

For an adrenaline rush, there’s Harakiri: the highlight of this ride is the long slide you’ll traverse aboard a rubber raft. And speaking of thrills, try the roller coaster Vertigo, which will leave you breathless with its acrobatics.

Things to do with children in Rome

For families, the Pirates’ Lagoon is a must-see attraction, awarded as the Best Family Attraction in 2012. Here, children can take part in a real naval battle aboard galleons; each boat is equipped with water cannons, allowing them to “target” their opponents.

And finally, for a bit of well-deserved relaxation, enjoy a nice animated film in the Cinema 4D theater!

The Marine Zoo

The true stars of this park are the animals, which you can admire during the shows and nature walks. The turtle oasis, the flamingo nest, the area reserved for lemurs, the parrot forest: you’ll come into contact with many different species, observing them up close to discover all their secrets. Of particular note is the presence of penguins in the park: watching these charming creatures waddle in a single file or dive into the water is something special that will leave you enchanted, witnessing the marvelous spectacle of nature.

Zoomarine, il parco dei divertimenti acquatico di Roma

Speaking of an aquatic park, the most significant attraction remains undoubtedly the dolphin and seal show. It’s an engaging spectacle that touches the heart due to the bond created between the animals and their trainers. The dolphins will delight you with their joyful leaps from the water, participating in numerous games and skillful demonstrations. The seals and sea lions will also capture the hearts of both young and old with their charming performances.

The activities for children

Throughout the day, there are a total of 16 interactive shows featuring a wide variety of characters, such as Pinocchio, Topo Gigio, and Freeda. These are genuine live shows, engaging and colorful, starring the children’s favorite characters. Moreover, the ticket includes a series of truly unmissable attractions, like the medieval-themed area of Camelot, the land of King Arthur. Inside, you’ll also find Merlin’s Inn, where you can enjoy a truly… magical meal! And last but not least, The Age of Dinosaurs: here, children will have the chance to encounter life-size replicas of the greatest predators in history, while experts tell you all about their fascinating and distant world.

How to get there:

From the Laurentina metro station in Rome, Cotral buses depart for Zoomarine at 9.10 AM and 10:35 AM.

By car, take the Grande Raccordo Anulare, exit 26 Pantina (SS148) towards Latina., then continue for 10 km until you reach the Pomezia-Torvaianica exit. Then, follow the provincial road 101/a in the direction of Torvaianica and then the signs for Zoomarine park.


Via dei Romagnoli, Torvaianica – Pomezia

Opening Times: Open from 10am to 5.30pm


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