Guided Tours and Bike Rentals in the Appia Antica Regional Park


Embark on a journey through the prominent archaeological, historical, and natural sites along the Appian Way with EcoBike.

The Appia Antica Regional Park, a real open-air museum, encapsulates a rich historical and cultural heritage, unveiling an uncharted gem of the capital to thousands of visitors annually.

Appia Antica Regional Park

Since 2014 EcoBike serves as the main visitors’ center for the Regional Park of the Appia Antica, offering a range of eco-friendly tour options by foot, bike, and electric golf cart, as well as bicycle rentals.

Positioned strategically at Via Appia Antica, 60, right at the park’s entrance, visitors are presented with a remarkable chance to immerse themselves in awe-inspiring archaeological and natural marvels. Amidst the area, they journey through time, traversing ancient Roman villas, catacombs, sepulchers, and scattered remnants of Roman villas.

Those who embark on the journey through this historically enriched expanse, one of Europe’s largest protected urban zones, are set for an indelible off-the-beaten-path encounter, far removed from conventional mass tourism. The Appia Antica trail commences a mere 2 km from the city center, offering a striking contrast to the bustling and customary sightseeing of the capital. Encompassing an expansive 4580 hectares, this monumental safeguarded space’s remarkable historical and cultural significance led to its UNESCO designation in 2023.

Eco Bike offers three options for discovering the Appia Antica Regional Park:

Private Guided Tours


These private tours are exclusively for you or your group, led by a knowledgeable guide who tailors the itinerary to your preferences. You can choose your preferred time for the tour.

The cost of the tour starts at €150 for a walking tour, €200 for an e-bike tour, and €85 p.p. for an Appian Way tour by golf cart.

Golf Cart Tours

golf cart tour at appia antica regional park

For a more relaxed experience, opt for a tour in a golf cart. This tour is suitable for seniors and a fun option for the little ones. The golf cart tour on the Appia Antica offers a fresh perspective on Rome, perfect for exploring its unique beauty. It’s a guided journey that unveils the gems of the Queen of Roads within the protected area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site candidate for 2023. The exciting 12 km round-trip route allows you to retrace the steps of ancient Rome, complete with legends, mysteries, and the stories of the people who have lived here since 312 BC.


Bike Rental Service


Opt for the convenience of renting bikes at EcoBike’s visitors’ center. You can pick up and return the bikes at Via Appia Antica, 60. Armed with handy maps and advice from the staff, you can explore the park at your own pace and lock the bikes outside the sites you wish to explore.

The bike rental service operates daily from 9:30 AM (with a lunch break from 1-2 PM) until 6 PM, excluding December 25th and January 1st. We recommend online reservations, especially during the peak season from March to October, to ensure the right size and type of bike.

You can find a variety of bike options tailored to your needs and preferences, catering to both kids and adults seeking electric-assisted bikes. The selection includes:

  • City bike: €4.00/h up to €16.00/full day
  • E-city bike: €8.00/h up to €32.00/full day
  • Mountain bike: €5.00/h up to €20.00/full day
  • E-mtb (also available with back child seat): €10.00/h up to €40.00/full day

The prices include helmets, locks, and maps as part of the package.

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