This is Wonderland, an immersive theme park at the EUR district

This is Wonderland – An immersive theme park at the EUR district

A dreamy walk into Alice’s fairytale

New lights shine in Rome this summer thanks to the latest initiative organized by Lux Eventi at the scenic EUR lake area.

Easily reachable with a direct train from Rome Termini, for the first time, This is Wonderland will enliven the EUR garden with an immersive journey which traces and transcends the boundaries of exhibition art and brings the allure of light to the stage. From 06 July to 31 October, the park will remain open from 7pm to 2am to transform itself into a live fairy tale and represent one of the most beautiful classics of literature: Alice in Wonderland.

The set is simply impressive: 40.000 sqm of park lighten up by scenic art, installations, choreographies, music and lights that will entertain the visitors and encourage them to take an active part into the show. Although a couple of maps are scattered through the park, getting lost in the exhibition is easy and perhaps it is exactly what an immersive experience means. Losing sense of time and space and, if you feel like having fun, Alice in Wonderland’s characters such as the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit, do a wonderful job in involving the park’s visitors in an illusion where the borders between reality and fantasy start to blur.

A guide to Eur District

Visitors can admire more than 18 stations arranged with shining flowery artworks and magic installations and have the opportunity to enjoy performances of international artists telling Alice’s story in the most creative ways.

“Can you imagine I am going to actually live in one of my favourite fables of all times?,” a little girl shouts out. The show aims at fulfilling the greatest expectations. Some family travelled from other Italian Regions to enjoy some magic.

At This is Wonderland, children and adults can explore and admire the world of fantasy, swinging to the rhythm of music or appreciating shiny reflections upon mirrors. Visiting the Show area, next to the Mad Hatter swings, is almost mandatory. The evening is animated by fun comic stand-ups and impressive dance and theatre performances throughout the evening – it can be great entertainment for children but adults can also enjoy the nearby bar area and chill out in the amphitheatre, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and the view over the EUR district.

What’s on in August in Rome

Photo opportunities can be memorable at the Cards’ Labyrinth, while playing chess with the Queen of Hearts or laying down on fluffy cushions at the exclusive Shisha Bar surrounded by an arabesque atmosphere.  Speaking of food and drinks, the Shisha Bar, located at the very top of the hill, is the perfect place to rest and try a cocktail surrounded by colourful mushroom installations, lanterns and candle lights. The menu features three veggie options (hummus, aubergines’ balls and cous cous) crunchy chicken and chocolate cake. Not to lose the focus, all drinks are renamed after Alice in Wonderland’s characters – you can sip an Alice, Queen of Hearts or a Mad Hatter.

And If, after all the walking and playing, you feel like eating something, self-serving food stalls can be found near the Shisha Bar or near the Show area. From pizza to typical Sicilian specialities or hot dogs, prices are reasonable and visitors can sit comfortably on the nearby tables enjoying the festive atmosphere before it gets too crowded – best chances of finding a table and enjoying a stunning sunset are probably around 8/8:30pm.



Laghetto dell’Eur – Passeggiata del Giappone

Opening hours:
Daily, from 7pm to 2am

Entry fee:
from €12


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