Ai Tre Scalini

ai tre scalini bottigliera rome

A cool wine bar located in the neighbourhood of Monti in Rome

In the heart of the picturesque Monti district there’s Ai Tre Scalini, an ancient wine bar which, since 1895, has been serving its clients wine and culinary local specialties. The atmosphere inside is warm and inviting, the service is top notch, while their music ranges from jazz to traditional Roman stornelli. Along with the selection of a hundred or so wines on the list, one can taste the excellent Menabrea beer and a number of great distilled spirits. All products are Italian and seasonal. A quick read of the blackboard will tell you what is available each day. They boast wines by the glass to suit all budgets. The strictly Italian wine list is not intimidating in price yet you can certainly find all the country’s classics.

ai tre scalini rome bar in monti

Via Panisperna 251, Roma, Lazio, Italia


Via Panisperna, 251 (Monti)

Opening time

Mon-Fri 12.30pm-1am; Sat-Sun 6pm-1am



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