Barbieri 23: a foodie and wine lover’s retreat

Barbieri 23: wine bar and laboratory in Rome's centro storico

Embark on a journey from the Pacific to the Mediterranean, from Alaska to the Tuscan hills, discovering the best food and drinks our planet has to offer us

Who would’ve thought that a small wine bar and laboratory just a stone’s throw away from Torre Argentina could have so many culinary stories to tell? Step inside this minimal locale, grab a seat and open up the menu to discover a whole new world of tasty food and drinks.

What’s at the heart of Barbieri 23? The quality and research of the ingredients used. Captained by the famed Chef Giorgio Baldari, this wine bar and laboratory’s mission is to only serve top-quality ingredients to highlight their tastes. From the Pacific to the Mediterranean Sea, from Alaska to the Tuscan hills, here you will find a selection of what Chef Baldari considers the best food and drinks our Earth can offer us. Each selection, each wine tells a unique story of near and far lands. It is a story of millennial wisdom, handed down from man to man.

Each ingredient is sourced from the best suppliers out there, from the Piccola Bottega Merenda to the Azienda Agricola Travaglini, all the way to the Pastificio Secondi and Olio Flaminio, making Barbieri 23 a place where you can discover the story behind every product.

Different cutting boards or “selezioni” characterize the menu, subdivided into symbolic names. Every cutting board is composed of many declinations of similar products – a journey through their various textures, flavors and stories.

Cruditè lovers, the Poseidon selection composed of an assortment of different types of raw fish is a must-try – from the seabass carpaccio with an infusion of wildflower honey and truffle mustard; and the Norwegian salmon with organic apple sauce, white wine and scotch bonnet chili; to the albacore tuna fillet; and the amberjack with courgettes, pink pepper and mint. If you’re into salmon, order the Boreale assorment – a selection of different types and cuts of salmon served with French butter, Pamplie yogurt and rye bread. Cheese lovers, don’t even get me started on the Caseum platter, an explosive selection of Italian cheese excellences. If you’re stopping by for aperitivo, you can order a variety of them in smaller portions for 1/3 of the price!

But that’s not where it ends. A variety of pasta dishes and main coursers are also in store. From the potato sunflowers with string beans pesto and buffalo stracciatella to the juicy Bismark filet, there is so much more that awaits you at Barbieri 23. The oddest thing? None of the dishes are cooked on stoves or induction burners but instead with avant guarde cooking techniques! The desserts are also A-listers, especially the Nuvola – a passion fruit semifreddo with white chocolate cream and raspberries with a cocoa biscuit.

But we said this is a wine bar too, right? To accompany your dishes a small wine list that focuses on a careful and sophisticated research of Italian wines, balanced from north to south, of labels that work in respect of Italian tradition and territory await you. Sip a glass of bubbly Franciacorta or maybe taste a chilled glass of Chardonnay or a hearty glass of Barolo. Beer lovers, there’s also a great selection of Italian craft beer to choose from!

And if you want to start your day on the right foot, don’t miss out on breakfast at Barbieri 23. This is one of those places where you can indulge in French butter yeast, Greek yogurt with acai and fruit bowls, bagels, Norwegian salmon, Eggs Benedict and so many more international delights. And what kind of breakfast would it be without coffee, cappuccino, herbal teas and fruit and vegetable extracts to complete the menu?

Via dei Barbieri 23, Roma, Lazio, Italia


Via dei Barbieri, 23 (Campo de’ Fiori/Jewish Quarter)

Opening time

Breakfast: daily 8am-11.30am

Aperitivo/Dinner: daily 5pm-1am



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