The Best Rome Content Creators

Rome bloggers, Instagrammers, and TikTokers

Rome Bloggers, Instagrammers and TikTokers you need to follow.

Here’s our curated list of must-follow content creators in Rome, spanning the realms of blogging, Instagram, and TikTok.

Whether you’re seeking travel inspiration, local insights, or simply stunning visuals of the Eternal City, these creators have you covered… in addition to Romeing’s Instagram and TikTok, of course!


American in Rome

Best Rome Bloggers

Originally from California, Natalie moved to Rome planning to stay for only a year, but has now called the Eternal City home for over a decade. In between copious amounts of caffè and gelato, she writes about Italy for international travel publications and runs a popular blog about Roman life.

Mama Loves Rome

Rome content creators

MamaLoves Rome – Marta Correale is a Rome mama of two and a classics graduate from the University of Rome. Born and raised in wonderful Rome and with a passion for family travel, Marta combined these two interests into creating a website that helps families with kids making the most of their time in the Eternal City: her mission is to make families fall in love with the city and make them love Rome as much as she does! On MamaLovesRome she shares recommended itineraries for families, playground finds, kid-friendly tour and museum ideas, kids’ scavenger hunts and plenty of stories and tips to help families discover Rome and make wonderful family memories here.

Katie Parla

Best Rome Bloggers

Katie Parla is the acclaimed author, publisher, television and podcast host, journalist, culinary guide and educator based in Rome. She has written, edited or contributed to more than 35 books including the cookbooks American Sfoglino, Flour Lab, Food of the Italian South, Tasting Rome and The Joy of Pizza. In 2022, Katie founded Parla Publishing, independently publishing her latest cookbook Food of the Italian Islands while establishing services designed to demystify all facets of the process for other authors, restaurants and brands. She co-hosts Gola, a podcast about Italian food and drink culture. In addition to appearing as an expert on television programs such as “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy” and Netflix’s “Chef’s Table,” Katie hosts culinary shows on including her Emmy-nominated food and travel series “Katie Parla’s Rome,” “Katie Parla’s Roman Kitchen,” and “Gola on the Road.”


Best Rome Bloggers

Originally from Gainesville, Florida (Go Gators!), Elyssa was living in Boston when she met future Roman husband, Alessandro while on a trip to Rome in 1997. Married in 1999, they moved back to Rome from the US in 2001 and opened a customer-service oriented B&B they ran until 2018. After years of helping thousands of visitors plan their visit to Rome and get the most out of it, in 2009, Elyssa started publishing her website, based on all the questions she and her husband had answered over the years running the B&B. Her website is meant to help anyone visiting Rome to have a fabulous visit here, as she knows you can come to Rome and love it or hate it, and she wants you to love it as much as she does. 


Live Virtual Guide


rome content creators

Live Virtual Guide helps travelers discover the hidden gems of Rome. Underground sites, secrets hiding in plain sight, the stories you wouldn’t normally find in the guidebooks.

Their engaging videos show you a side of Rome that most tourists don’t get to see. A different look on the city from a locals’ perspective, which helps travelers get away from the obvious touristy routes. The way they tell stories made them the biggest community on the hidden gems of Rome, with over 800,000 social followers.

Maria Pasquale


Best Rome Bloggers

Born to Italian parents, Maria always knew Rome was her destiny, although she was raised in Melbourne. With a formal background in political science and history, she is now an award-winning food and travel journalist and contributes regularly to USA Today, CNN, Condé Nast, the Sydney Morning Herald, Fodor’s and The Telegraph. The author of I Heart Rome, her lifestyle blog HeartRome, has readers in over 100 countries, a social media network that exceeds 45,000 and has been featured in BBC Travel and Vogue among others. She was recently named one of Rome’s most influential people in travel by Italy’s La Repubblica. In Rome you’ll find her walking the streets of Trastevere, checking out the latest bar for an aperitivo or dining with friends. How to be Italian Maria’s second book was released in 2021 and The Eternal City in 2023. Maria’s fourth book, Mangia: How to Eat Your Way Through Italy will be released worldwide in October. 

Elisa Colarossi


rome content creators

Elisa Colarossi is an illustrator and travel writer born and raised in Rome. In 2020, she began illustrating the adventures of her cat Stanis during quarantine in the Eternal City. Elisa works in both writing and illustration. She wrote the guide “Experience Rome” for Lonely Planet in 2021 and has been writing for Italia! Magazine, the UK’s leading Italy-themed magazine, since 2023. She focuses on showcasing the lesser-known sides of Rome, highlighting its outskirts and less famous neighborhoods, and giving visibility to the most beautiful villages in the Lazio region, exploring the less visited ones and delving into the more famous ones.

A native Roman, Elisa not only dedicates herself to the Eternal City and its lesser-known aspects but also to its sweet feline citizens: the cats, one of Rome’s many icons. Her illustrations (and animations) of her cat Stanis, a true Roman cat, have a following of over 150,000 followers. The adventures of her cat are the perfect blend for those who love Rome and its four-legged inhabitants.


Brianne Bartolini


Best Rome Bloggers

Meet Brianne Bartolini, a Canadian expat and Rome enthusiast. She’s your guide to all things Italy. A mom, a content creator, and a dedicated athlete, Brianne shares Italy’s hidden gems. From the bustling streets of Rome to the serene landscapes of Tuscany, she takes you along with her to experience the best of Italy. With a solid background in fitness and remarkable achievements in rowing – including representing Italy in the European Coastal Rowing Championships – Brianne brings a unique perspective to her travels. Through her TikTok channel, she inspires solo travellers and families to explore and cherish the rich beauty and culture of Italy.

Sammi DiBacco


Sammi DiBacco is an Italian-American dual-citizen who moved to Rome in 2017 to complete her MBA and never looked back. Sammi is a marketing and brand strategist, writer, and digital content creator. You can find her wandering the cobblestone streets of Rome with her dog, Spritz.

Emily Rascon


Best Rome Bloggers

Emily Rascon is from San Diego, California and moved to Rome to be with her Italian partner. She has always had a passion for traveling and learning new languages, having lived in Germany and now Italy. Emily loves reading books, going hiking, and of course, practicing her Italian! In addition, Emily enjoys creating content on TikTok, where she documents her life abroad and encourages people to find the confidence to pursue their inner wanderlust.

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