Weekend Getaway: Bomarzo

The park of monsters Bomarzo

Leaving Rome for a day or two doesn’t always mean heading to a big city, beach or popular destination. Sometimes, a small town escape is all you need. Bomarzo, a quaint village located in the province of Viterbo, is the perfect place to experience a the magic of a medieval town. And lucky for you, it’s not far from Rome.

Bomarzo parco dei mostri

Perched atop a rocky ridge, Bomarzo offers scenic landscapes that are both enchanting and picturesque. The scenery, history and nearby attractions make it a great getaway for couples or families alike, and with even more options in the surrounding area, there’s something for all ages.

Parco dei Mostri

The park of monsters

This one-of-a-kind park, known as Il Parco dei Mostri (The Park of Monsters) or Sacro Bosco (Sacred Forest), was designed by architect Pirro Ligorio and boasts over 20 different statues dating back to 1552. Inspired by mythology and fantasy, you’ll come across incredibly unique works of art in this “Villa of Wonders”, such as the Hercules, “Ninfeo”, and the Temple stone statues to name a few. A visit here is a must.

Parco dei Mostri. Via Madonna della Valle, n°101. bomarzo.net

Centro Botanico Moutan

centro botanico moutan

Another popular attraction to visit is the Centro Botanico Moutan, only a short 15-minute drive from the town of Bomarzo. It’s the world’s largest collection of tree and herbaceous peonies (there are over 200,000 peonies here!) The blossoming season is April and May, where visitors can come and enjoy the blooms a their best.

Centro Botanico Moutan. S.S. Ortana, 46, Viterbo. centrobotanicomoutan.it

Castello Orsini

Castello Orsini

Like most medieval castles, Castello Orsini is perched on the top of a hill overlooking the narrow, elongated town below. Visit this noble residence for only 2 euro on the weekend to learn more about the historical town and admire the architecture and art that comes along with it. Navigating the winding streets to get there make the trek to the castle even more fun.

Castello Orsini. Via Borghese, 01020,

How to get there

By train/bus: The nearest train stations are those of Orvieto or Viterbo. Bus information is available at cotralspa.it. Click here to buy a train ticket.

By car: Coming from the North you take the SP 12 from Orvieto. From the South, you take the SS 2 Cassia until Montefiascone, then the SS 71 Umbro-Casentinese in the direction of Orvieto and finally the SP 130 heading for Bagnoregio.

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