Christmas at Eataly

christmas at rome's eataly

At Eataly, the Christmas atmosphere is celebrated with many tasty and well-aimed initiatives

Christmas is also coming to Eataly Rome! To best celebrate the upcoming holidays, Eataly has selected unique products: gift packages, panettone and pandoro (traditional Italian Christmas cakes), sparkling wines, and more. Discover Eataly’s proposals for Christmas 2023 in Rome.

The good heart of Eataly Christmas baskets

A basket full of delicacies from all over Italy is always a welcome holiday gift. At Eataly, you can choose from no less than 9 different types, such as Le eccellenze regionali, le Chicche di Natale or i Grandi Classici. By purchasing them, you will not only delight your palate but also do a good deed. For each Christmas basket purchased, the equivalent of one nutritious meal will be donated to the World Food Programme. This United Nations humanitarian organization fights against hunger and poverty in the world. Eataly can deliver parcels and products worldwide, so you can easily send baskets outside your city.

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christmas at eataly 2023

Eataly introduces its first line of Panettone and Pandoro

A great novelty awaits you this Christmas at Eataly: three exquisite panettone variations and a premium pandoro are making their debut in the group’s stores. Introducing the Classic Panettone, the Orange and Chocolate edition, the indulgent version paired with Pistachio Cream, and the heavenly Pandoro. Prepared with careful production processes and a lengthy leavening period utilizing natural sourdough, each is elegantly presented in distinctive and sophisticated gift packaging.

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Spoiled for choice of… quality!

Shopping for the Christmas dinner is perhaps the one that requires the most care and attention during the year to satisfy guests’ palates best and celebrate with dignity. The choices at Eataly will spoil you: cured meats and cheeses from all over Italy (Parmigiano Reggiano aged over 100 months, knife-cut ham, over ten specialties of cotechino and zamponi), traditional balsamic vinegar aged over 25 years, 100% bronze drawn Italian pasta, Sicilian anchovies in oil, and Colfiorito lentils.

For meat, enjoy options of delicate cuts of fatty ox and the matured ribs of Piedmontese beef, capon from Morozzo, stuffed chickens, and guinea fowls all prepared fresh every day.

On the fish counter you will find purple prawns from Sanremo and red prawns from Mazara del Vallo, wild salmon from the cold seas between Canada and Alaska, mullet roe, and over 15 varieties of 100% Italian caviar.

And the undisputed rulers of Christmas cannot be missing, i.e Panettone and Pandoro, offered here in over 50 variations, from the most classic to those with original fillings, all made with high-quality raw materials and a long leavening process, as tradition dictates.

Christmas at the Enoteca

For lovers of good drinking, a trip to Eataly’s Enoteca is a must: here, you will find over 5,000 labels, ranging from the most famous names to small local productions, with a particular eye on organic and biodynamic wines. Enjoy a selection of over 400 grand-size bottles and 200 bubbles, craft beers, and regional liqueurs to enjoy festive toasts.

Furthermore, those in search of a truly special gift will discover exclusive bottles of mountain whisky—100% Italian and available in limited editions. Explore the exquisite Mountain Single Malt Whisky, crafted from barley malt, and the Mountain Rye Whisky.

eataly christmas 2023

Original gift ideas from Eataly

Suppose you want to give your loved ones something different this year. In that case, Scuola di Eataly offers a wide selection of cooking courses, guided tours, and in-depth meetings on Italian excellence for beginners and enthusiasts. For gourmets, the right gift is undoubtedly one of the Eatinerari’s that Eataly offers: from a visit to a wine cellar to an unforgettable night, there are many ideas for those who love quality food and drink!

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The Tasting Dinner: Truffle (December 15)

On December 15th, Eataly Rome awaits you on the third floor for a dinner that tells the story of the truffle, king of mushrooms and the world’s most elegant and expensive “tuber.” A special four-course menu awaits you, skillfully crafted by Chef Alessandra Mariani, paired with excellent wines from Eataly’s wine cellar narrated by an expert sommelier.

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christmas at eataly 2023

Eataly Roma

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