Eataly Rome

The epitome of Italian cuisine in Rome’s Ostiense neighbourhood

“Eataly”… it’s one of the catchiest words I’ve ever heard. What better name could describe the gastronomic mega-store that is Eataly? I’m sure Oscar Farinetti’s foodie heaven doesn’t need any introductions, but just in case you aren’t accustomed to Eataly, it’s a gourmet paradise where you can really immerse yourself in the joy and art of Italian cuisine.

Because Italian cuisine isn’t just eating, it’s a ritual; it’s a way of being. And this multi-level gastronomic center in the Ostiense neighourhood is just that: a place where you can discover Italian cuisine in all its forms. There are four floors where you can dive into the Italian culinary world, four floors with 13 different eateries, rooms for cooking courses, their very own market with fresh seasonal produce coming in from top-quality producers in Italy, and even a travel agency specializing in culinary holidays!

Eataly Rome: Restaurants, Market, Wine Store, Events & Cooking Classes

Their philosophy centers around the Slow Food approach, raising awareness of quality produce and making it accessible to all. These guys have stores worldwide, offering up a modern venue where you can buy, eat and study high quality produce made in-house or sourced according to Slow Food requirements, including olive oil, wine, beer, bread, meats, cheeses, seafood, sweets and so much more.

Eataly Rome: Restaurants, Market, Wine Store, Events & Cooking Classes

And just as you’d imagine, the biggest Eataly store in the world just happens to be in Rome (where else could it be?)! Have a stroll through the market to get top-notch ingredients to cook up at home. Walk through the enoteca, or wine store, on the second floor to learn about Italian regional wines and wineries. This wine department stocks over 25,000 Italian wines, including 1,500 organic and biodynamic wines – it’s what I call a wine lover’s paradise. And if you’re hungry, stop for lunch or dinner in one of their 13 restaurants. Every day, the themed restaurants and the street food corners offer dishes prepared with the highest quality seasonal ingredients Italy has to offer.

Eataly's Ristorante della Pasta e della Pizza at Rome's Ostiense Neighbourhood

Eataly's The Brewery in Rome's Ostiense area

If you’re in the mood for some pasta or pizza, you need to get yourself to the Pizza e Cucina restaurant where master pizzaioli mend two large wooden ovens where the pizzas are cooked. Beer lovers, your trip to Eataly won’t be complete until you stop at Birreria Eataly to taste Eataly’s very own draft beer produced in their in-house brewery right across from the restaurant. If you’re into craft beer, a selection of 400 craft beers also awaits you! Feeling like something cooked on an aromatic grill? Terra is the ultimate stop: it’s Eataly’s counter-to-table restaurant where guests directly choose the ingredients they want from the seafood and meat counters. If you’re into raw fish, this one’s the one to go!

But I know what you’re thinking, “prices aren’t accessible”. That’s where you got it wrong, Eataly has just done a complete makeover in terms of prices: they cut down their margins to offer more accessible prices to clients, from the restaurants to their market!

Eataly Rome: Restaurants, Market, Wine Store, Events & Cooking Classes

Eataly Rome: Restaurants, Market, Wine Store, Events & Cooking Classes

For foodies, the cooking and tasting classes will surely be of interest. The Scuola di Cucina Eataly offers courses for all tastes, as well as dinners, encounters and tastings with important names in the culinary world! From pasta and pizza classes to wine tastings with sommeliers and workshops for kids, there’s a whole culinary world to explore at Eataly. Save your spot by checking out their calendar which changes every six months.

They also host food and drink festivals that range from street food and pizza to wine and gin festivals that take up the whole third floor!

Eataly Rome: Restaurants, Market, Wine Store, Events & Cooking Classes

With its location in the hip Ostiense area, there’s no excuse for not visiting Eataly, especially for anyone craving a deeper knowledge of Italian ingredients. Trust us, it’s impossible to leave this store without having eaten well and purchased delicious products for more gourmet eating at home! If you want to get a big picture of Italy, Eataly is the perfect place to get a taste of the 360 degrees that encompass Made in Italy.


Piazzale XII Ottobre, 1492 (Ostiense)

Opening Hours

Daily 9am-12am





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