Cross The Streets at Macro Museum

WK Interact Jump Out @ MACRO
WK Interact_Jump Out

MACRO hosts a gallery of graffiti

Rome, as everyone knows, has been a hub of art and culture throughout the ages. But fast forward from the acclaimed antiquity and the renowned Renaissance and you arrive at the MACRO’s Cross the Streets exhibition. This multimedia retrospective, made up of an impressive 200 works from street artists hailing from the Capital itself and around the world, sets to historicize the 40 year long phenomenon that we call street art.

Diamond at work @ MACRO
Diamond at work ©Simon d’Exéa

From the Andy-Warhol-esque pop sculptures of Chicago born Ron English to the immense site-specific spray pieces by Roman artists Diamond and Lucamaleonte, the section of the exhibition entitled Street Art Stories offers a plethora of mediums through which to appreciate this modern artistic movement. It documents the development of street art as a culture, paying due homage to major influences and forerunners such as Keith Haring and Shepard Fairey.

Ron English Mc Supersized @ MACRO
Ron English_Mc Supersized 10, 2009

What’s more, as well as bringing the street to the museum, the photography and film curated by Christian Omodeo as part of the Writing in Rome collection transports visitors back out to the street. It’s said that Rome is internationally unparalleled with regard to the volume and longevity of the graffiti on its public transport. Here, we see photographs and video footage taken to immortalise an artist’s work before it is inevitably engulfed by the ever-evolving, ever-growing, layer effect of graffiti.

Shephard Fairey The Don @ MACRO
Shepard Fairey (Obey Giant)_ The Don, 2006

Housed in the fittingly contemporary MACRO Museum, Cross the Streets is a unique insight into this urban art form that is not to be missed!

Macro Museum

Via Nizza, 138

Till 15 October 2017

Open Tues- Sun 10.30am – 7.30pm

Tickets: 10 euro (Reduced: 8 euro)

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