Do I need to speak Italian to visit Italy?

Do I need to speak Italian to visit Italy?

Can you get by speaking English in Italy?

As you’re planning your dream trip to Italy, one of the first questions that will come to mind is “do I need to speak Italian to visit Italy?”. The answer is you don’t need to speak Italian to visit Italy. You’ll find many Italians that speak English, especially at hotels, restaurants, airports and tourist areas, so you can get by speaking only English in Italy.

But where’s the fun in that? Isn’t travel all about immersing yourself in a different culture and also getting out of your comfort zone to relate to different ways of life? I’ve always thought that trying to learn at least the basics like how to order at a restaurant, how to ask for simple directions, or just how to say a simple thank you, makes the difference for locals. It shows much more respect and interest when travellers make an effort to speak Italian, rather than just stick to English the whole time. Nobody likes to see you’re not making at least the tiniest effort! Plus, the Italian language is one of the most beautiful in the world, might as well brush up on some skills!

The advantages of speaking Italian in Italy

Speaking a bit of Italian can make the difference during your trip to Italy. Not just in the way you’re perceived by Italians, but also in the perks it can brings you! This can range from being able to ask for discounts at a market to understanding directions and asking locals for restaurant recommendations (instead of ending up in tourist traps). Plus, if you’re planning on visiting smaller towns and borghi, it may be harder to find English-speaking locals, so knowing some Italian could be a life safer.

How to learn Italian for traveling

While you may not become a fluent Italian speaker in just a few months, you’d be amazed to see how much you can pick up in just a short amount of time! The best way to prepare yourself for your journey around Italy is by taking an Italian language course prior to your trip. That will give you plenty of time to get accustomed to Italian and practice away during your trip. Just a heads up, don’t sign up to one of those long, ineffective and boring online courses that get you nowhere.

Instead, remember that the key when learning any new language is understanding the framework of that language. Once you’ve understood the system of that language, you can master it. Sounds obvious but it’s crazy how so many people are still using ancient techniques to teach languages! We found the course by Michele from The Intrepid Guide a great one. She has lived in Rome, traveled all around the world and mastered several languages. Essentially she skips to the powerful parts of the Italian language and is focused on teaching you Italian for traveling.

The Intrepid Guide’s travel Italian language online course

Do I need to speak Italian to visit Italy?

Michele’s course is an online Italian language course specifically designed for traveling to Italy. You’ll be getting a 14-module Italian course inclusive of video lessons, Italian grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation (yes, pronouncing a word incorrectly could have a whole different meaning). There are audio conversations, worksheets, quizzes, lifetime updates and practically anything you need! Plus, she’s added a few bonuses including an Italian Menu Cheat-Sheet ebook, essential Italian phrases and even an exclusive Facebook group where you can interact with Michele and other students. If it’s anyone you want to learn Italian from, it’s from someone who has found a proven system that will set you up for success. As Michele says: “Peel back the layers of a destination and enrich your travels through languages.”

Start Learning Italian!

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