A work-friendly café with great food, drinks, and free wi-fi in Rome

Ex Circus – a cozy cafe meets bar meets bistrot which doubles as a study room – is just steps away from Piazza Navona. Now, don’t let the “Circus” in the name scare you off. There are no creepy clowns or weird magic shows here. In fact, it is only named Circus because of the resemblance – fun, food, friends, and music.

ex circus live music

Ex Circus Rome Piazza Navona

Better yet, Ex Circus has cozy couches, power outlets, and coffee tables. It maintains a homey, yet hip vibe, allowing one person to study in peace, while another person eats nearby. Perhaps the excellent classic rock and soft jazz music playlist contributes to this. Okay, enough about design. Let’s talk about the food! Imagine a place – in Rome – that serves everything from peanut butter and jelly bagels, caramel hot chocolate and superfood salads with avocados to smoothie bowls, raw juices and even vegan cookies and cakes. Create your own raw juice blend, indulge in a yummy açai bowl and don’t forget to taste their cake of the day!

Ex Circus Rome Piazza Navona

ex circus rome

But don’t come just for the food and ambiance. Ex Circus floods its calendar with holistic events, alchemic aperitivos, gong baths and even yoga lessons. And don’t forget to mark your calendar for their various artistic exhibitions and musical events!

Ex Circus Rome Piazza Navona

Indeed, Ex Circus offers all this and more (it can accommodate for groups for special events such as birthday parties). If you were a regular of Circus and enjoyed its hip, quirky, youthful vibe, wait until you step inside the all-new Ex Circus to be swept away. If you’re looking for a place in Rome to study by yourself or in a group, to eat a variety of (mostly healthy) food, to listen to live music in Rome, to have a drink, to indulge in relaxing events, or to immerse yourself in the various forms of art, Ex Circus will exceed your expectations.


Via della Vetrina, 15 (Navona)

Opening time

Mon – Thu from 8am – 10pm
Fri – Sat from 8am – 2am
Sun from 9am – 8pm


Saturday & Sunday 12pm – 3pm (€12)


06 9761 9258



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  • Thanks for the suggestion! I’m planning to go to Rome soon so I’ll make sure I visit this place. It looks great.

  • I went there for work but didn’t feel comfortable. You’re supposed to keep your coffee “topped up”, which I agree due to the high rents in Rome, but didn’t feel like it was fair paying a higher price and keep on consuming to ensure my place. It is not as work-friendly as people might want to look like.

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