Fabrizio Narducci Hair Boutique

Fabrizio Narducci Hair Boutique: English-speaking hair salons in Rome

English-speaking hair salon in Rome’s centro storico

We all have bad hair days. But what if your bad hair day became a bad hair style? Let’s face it, we’ve all come out of a hair stylist with some weird looking haircut that made us feel uncomfortable with our own face. So much so, that many of us always play it safe. We only trim our hair instead of getting a proper haircut.

But there’s no reason to play it “safe”. After all, isn’t it amazing when you trust someone with your hair and come out of the hairdresser looking better than before?

Fabrizio Narducci Hair Boutique: English-speaking hair salons in Rome

Fabrizio Narducci does just that. In his hair boutique footsteps from Piazza di Spagna, he doesn’t only cut hair for men and women, he styles it to make your facial features pop out. He glances at you and instantly understands the hairstyle that suits your face. And yes, he gets it right the first time. If you’re worried you didn’t explain yourself, do not despair; language isn’t a barrier at Fabrizio Narducci hair boutique.

But Fabrizio doesn’t just stop at the perfect hairstyle. He pairs your tailored haircut to a beautiful hair color by making sure your hair color and skin tone are perfectly harmonious. Makes sense, right?

Fabrizio Narducci Hair Boutique: English-speaking hair salons in Rome

While if it’s a hair treatment you need, forget about all those chemical additives, this hair boutique only uses natural products with zero miles ingredients and zero impact on the environment. Inspired from our grandmother’s beautiful, healthy and strong hair, Fabrizio Narducci gives a special gift to your hair, for an “anciently new” experience.

No wonder major Italian actors and actresses including Alba Rohrwacher and Pierfrancesco Favino turn to him before a red carpet!

With more than 25 years of experience, the Fabrizio Narducci Hair Boutique is the perfect hair salon to finally get that haircut you deserve!

88, 00187 Roma RM, Italy


Via Sistina ,88

Opening Time:

Tuesday – Saturday from 10am – 7pm


06 9357 9325




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