Fish & Wine Festival at Eataly

Fish & Wine Event at Rome's Eataly 2020

A summer full of fresh high quality seafood dishes combined with a careful selection of wines, sparkling wines and beers at Eataly

Seafood returns as the protagonist of Eataly’s summer edition of Fish & Wine – a festival that spans from events and tastings dedicated to seafood that will take place from July 6th to September 16th. From seafood crudité to oysters, from crispy fried seafood to spaghetti ai frutti di mare, fresh and sustainable seafood awaits you all through summer 2020. But that’s not it, all tastings are paired with exclusive wines or beer selected by Eataly’s sommeliers for the occasion.

Summer in Rome? Fish & Wine is always open!

For the entire duration of Fish & Wine, in addition to the standard menus of Eataly’s Pizza&Cucina, Terra and Birreria restaurants, you’ll also find special dishes on the menus. Get ready to get a taste of the seaside in Rome!

At Pizza&Cucina order the Gran Piatto di Frutti di Mare (the seafood platter) with oysters, seafood truffles, prawns and bullot. While the bruschetta with stracciatella and anchovies, and the battered cod fillet are the new seafood starters; as for the pasta dishes, get ready for the spaghetto ai frutti di mare in a small or large pan version. The classic Impepata di Cozze (mussel sauté with pepper), the Gran Grigliata (grilled seafood) and the Gran Fritto di Mare (fried seafood) with the catch of the day are also in store.

Fish & Wine Event at Rome's Eataly 2020

Of course, at Terra restaurant you can expect the grilled seafood platter of the day, cooked in their fantastic 3-meter charcoal grill. But that’s not in, the Carbonara di Orbetello, the spaghetto ai frutti di mare and the fried seafood platter are also A-listers. And what could be better to pair with Birreria’s vast selection of craft beers than some battered cod fillets or a perfect fried seafood platter, while watching a football match with friends?

Special events not to miss

Every Thursdays starting from July 16th, the Pizza&Cucina restaurant will host a series of events with special guests from the restaurant world. Each guest will prepare their signature dishes to celebrate the liaison Fish&Wine. The first event will be held on July 16th with Il Pinzimonio restaurant from Fiumicino.

On the occasion of the festival, there will also be two special editions of Grandi Aste del Pesce di Eataly  (Eataly’s Big Fish Auctions): the first will be on Friday July 10th at 5.30pm with Pesca Pronta; the second on Friday July 24th at the same time with Linemar. From July 24th to 26th, among the stands Eataly’s fish market, it will also be possible to participate in the complimentary tasting of Coda Nera.

Till September 16, 2020

Eataly – Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492  (Ostiense)

Daily 9am – 12am


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