6 Flea Markets in Rome

The best street markets in Rome to get original, vintage, thrift and second-hand steals

If you’re searching for the perfect antique or vintage item in Rome, you can’t miss out these popular flea markets. Just make sure you stop by an ATM machine before you go as not all markets accept payments with card! From Italian antiques to second-hand designer brands and vintage finds, get ready to find the perfect souvenir to take home with you!

Merkat* at Alcazar Live

Via Cardinale Merry del Val, 14 (Trastevere)
Sat – Sun 10am – 8pm


One of the most vibrant markets in Rome, Alcazar‘s Merkat* market in Trastevere features vintage, artisanal, Made in Italy, and hand made objects. Not to mention lots of music and the possibility of brunch beforehand. If you’re looking for a unique Roman experience surrounded by locals, you’ve found the right market. Get ready to goggle at every stand and find creative and original souvenirs to bring home.

Borghetto Flaminio

Piazza della Marina, 32 (Flaminio)
Sunday 10am – 7pm 

flea markets in Rome

A more upscale type of flea market, Borghetto Flaminio is a mesh of vintage, second-hand designer brands and household antiques. Although this street market charges an entrance fee (a few euro), the quality of the products and the fact that the market is filtered from the usual “junk clutter” makes it worthwhile. Held every Sunday, Borghetto Flaminio is located just a few stops away from Piazza del Popolo and is a nice change from the chaotic weekend traffic on Via del Corso.

Mercato di Porta Portese

Via Portuense (Trastevere)
Sunday 8am – 2pm

markets in Rome

Porta Portese along Via Portuense in Trastevere is open every Sunday and is generally considered Rome’s most extensive and famous flea market. This is the sort of hustle and bustle style market where you can expect loud traders, haggling, the odd pick-pocketer and all manner of items from fake designer bags and plastic kitchenware to antique furniture and collectors’ goods. For household products or second-hand clothes, try the riverside entrance by Piazzale Portuense, or if you’re hoping to unearth more antique treasures, your best bet is to enter the market from Piazza Ippolito Nievo. Although you need to put in the hours and the effort to surface with a great deal, Porta Portese is a lively, historic, antique market for those who love to rummage in the atmosphere of an authentic, gritty market. Bargain shopping, here we come!

Mercato di Via Sannio

Via Sannio (San Giovanni)
Monday – Saturday 7.30am – 2pm

markets in Rome

This is a great little off-the-beaten track mercato for bargain shoppers: a no-frills and manageable affair. The market is tucked away near the famous San Giovanni in Laterano church just outside the old city walls. The stalls are clustered together into a square, and the rows of merchandise are easy to navigate. Mostly you will find inexpensive jewellery, slogan tees, and a range of second-hand, vintage as well as new: clothes, shoes, hats, bags and belts. You can even get your hair dreadlocked at one of the vendors-come-hairdressers.

Vintage Market

The Vintage Market takes place in various venues around Rome.
Check their website for more information 

flea markets in Rome

Sundays are for markets in old theatres, brunch, and shopping around for vintage clothing and accessories, new Italian designers, jewellery, music posters, disks, vinyls, books, and artisanal crafts from local artists and illustrators.  Now add a dj set and some live music courtesy of hip local bands and you’ve got the Vintage Market. This is so much more than a flea market, it is the event for the vintage addicted, fans of soul, funk and indie, and brunch lovers.  The “new frontier for Made in Italy” products, a a hub for emerging creative talents as well as curated vintage collectors. Brunch is served in the stage at noon and entrance is free.

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Ponte Milvio Antiques Market

Via Capoprati (Ponte Milvio)
Sunday 9am – 7.30pm

ponte milvio antiques market

Ponte Milvio Antiquariato is a socio-cultural-commercial event featuring carefully selected antiques.  The market takes the shape of a walk along the river Tiber, from Via Capoprati to the Duca D’Aosta bridge. The backdrop scenery, with green trees, flowing water and views of some of Rome’s most beautiful sights, makes the event a one-of-a-kind spectacle

It takes place on a regular basis every Sunday, and has done so for at least twenty years. From several parts of Italy, qualified professionals in the field – antiquarians, junk dealers, collectors, connoisseurs of art and vintage objects, and restorers – gather to display their best pieces. You can get enchanted for hours by yellowed movie posters and vinyl from the 1970s, or by jewellery from the turn of the century. This market really takes you on journeys through space and time.

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