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Take a break from Italian food.

Can you imagine yourself eating carbs seven days a week? Me neither. Let’s be honest – sometimes we need to run away from Italian cuisine. When the Italian food in Rome starts to get boring, you can find plenty of ethnic options to choose from. One of them is a place called GALBI – the Korean barbeque.


The idea was born when Galbi holders, Stefano Chung e Deuk Uoo Ferretti Min, decided to combine their collective experience gained from their two restaurants, Gainn and Apuleius, to create the first Korean barbecue in Rome using oak coal. The restaurant offers traditional Korean dishes and techniques of preparation and cooking, which have ancient origins dating back more than 2000 years. The cooking is done strictly on the grill and what makes this kitchen stand out is the preparation of food by marinating meat and fermented vegetables.

So as you can imagine, Galbi is not only about to satisfy your stomach, the Galbi staff won’t hesitate to explain the Korean dishes and the proper manner of eating them.

KIMCHI, JAPCHAE, PAJEON – these magical spells will take your body and mind to Korea and its diverse flavors. Start with the seafood or Kimchi frittella or try the sweet potato starch noodles.


Do you want something spicy or sweet-and-sour? Just chose: this authentic Korean barbecue offers the traditional Galbi (a very popular Korean meat dish made from beef short ribs, that are marinated in a spicy or sweet sauce), Galbi Beef Burgers, spicy or soya pork ribs and grilled octopus. The only question you will be left with at the end of your evening is whether to finish the feast with a spicy chocolate caprese with stracciatella icecream or sweet rice balls with cinnamon, chocolate flakes and coconut.

Your guide Deuk Uoo will not let you get lost in this complicated Korean food labyrinth.

galbi korean restaurant rome

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Via Cremera, 21 (Pinciano)

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Mon-Fri 12.30-14.30pm; 7-11pm – Sat 7-11pm


06 8842132

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