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Healthy options in Rome’s first Spa Bistrot

Tucked away in the quiet streets behind the Roman Forum, you can now find Rome’s first Spa Bistrot, aptly named the Humus Bistrot. You may be wondering, what exactly is a Spa Bistrot? Think of it as a lite fare café and bar accompanied by a full service spa center. Nestled inside the Casa Argileto complex in Monti – where you’ll also find a hotel complete with 20 designer rooms – Humus Bistrot provides a specialty café that serves yummy natural dishes.

humus bistrot spa

humus spa rome

Humus Bistrot officially opened on October 4th 2017 and is the perfect place for those looking for a lighter alternative to the typical Roman options. Choose from a variety of sandwiches and side dishes that have evolved from the concept of “non-cooking”, which means the food is prepared in such a way that minimizes the cooking and culinary manipulation. Indulge in aperitivo with cold-cuts and cheese boards or stop by for lunch or dinner to taste healthy but hearty dishes such as organic feta with eggplant parmesan or a fresh cod tartare with falafel and beetroot.

humus bistrot rome

Humus Bistrot favours dishes with raw ingredients, which require little to no heat, which result in an array of specialty sandwiches, humus dishes, and more. But there is also a selection of yummy seafood and meat dishes to choose from. Humus Bistrot is also the first place to allow tastings of the breweries from Birrificio del Valdarno Superiore.

humus bistrot monti

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Given the location near the Roman Forum and Colosseum, this small corner of wellness is perfect for visitors and locals to take a break from the sights and wind down with a lite meal and a dose of recovery. Humus Bistrot was created with the comfort of the hotel guests in mind, as well as locals, so they too can enjoy an all-in-one experience by satisfying their well-being on top of enjoying a healthy meal from the imaginative Humus Bistrot menu.

humus bistrot monti

Next time you are seeking a location to appeal to your wellness needs, know you can find it within the walls of Rome as there is Humus Bistrot and Casa Argileto right next door.

Casa Argileto is an ideal place where three concepts come together: to stay, to relax and to eat well. They are awaiting your next visit and are sure to have you feeling your best in no time.

109, 00184 Roma RM, Italy


Via della Madonna dei Monti, 109 (Monti)

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Sunday 12pm-11.30pm


06 88805491

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