Imperial Rome – Virtual Reality Bus: begin your journey back in time!

Roma Imperiale - Virtual Reality Bus: begin your journey through time!

Rediscover the original splendor of ancient monuments reconstructed in 3D by riding a bus through Rome’s central archaeological area

Who among us has never wished to take a trip back in time to discover how a place looked centuries and centuries ago?
In the case of Rome, then, the wish is even greater. For the city is littered with the remains of marvelous monuments and architecture, which arouse in anyone who observes them the curiosity to know how marvelous they must have looked in their ancient entirety.

Today, thanks to new technologies, it will be possible to peek back through the centuries and find out! From June 23, in fact, thanks to the exhibition Imperial Rome – Virtual Reality Bus, it will be possible to admire, on board a small electric bus, the three-dimensional reconstruction of the ancient monuments of the Capital. This is a 3D immersive experience tour, due to special “visor free” VR technology. All reconstructions of the architecture are enjoyed directly on OLED screens superimposed on the windows of the bus, and a system of motorized curtains will allow people to admire the beauties of today and compare them with those of the past.


All of this is supported by sounds, music and an integrated fragrance emission system specially developed by Integra Fragances in order to ensure a truly immersive experience. In addition, thanks to the Movx patent (with 3 Gps, a three-axis accelerometer, a magnetometer, a velocimeter and a surface laser) it is possible to synchronize the speed and position of the bus in real physical space with those in virtual space, recording and reproducing every movement, curve, pothole or bump.

Are you ready to experience this amazing adventure? Just sit in the electric bus, equipped with 16 seats, traveling at an average speed equal to that of a scooter, and simply look out of the windows. The approximately 30-minute route will wind through the heart of Rome’s historic center, from the Imperial Forums to the Colosseum, from the Palatine Hill to the Circus Maximus to the Theater of Marcellus. The traveling exhibition was created by Invisible Cities, a start-up created by Arsenal 23 with the support of Linkem and the collaboration of visual effects specialists and archaeologists.

It should also be noted that the VR Bus is totally electric; therefore, it will be possible to enjoy the show with full respect for the environment.

Imperial Rome – Virtual Reality Bus

Daily from 4.20pm to 7.40 pm. The 30-minute tour can be enjoyed in Italian and English.

Tickets: €15 euro (€10 with MIC card); meeting point Piazza della Madonna di Loreto (Via dei Fori Imperiali).

Tickets can be purchased directly from the ticket office near Trajan’s Column (Imperial Forums) or on this website.

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