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Italian Language School for Foreigners Roma

Who says you can’t have it all? Learn Italian on your own time at Kappa Language School!

Rome – and Italy in general – is one of the few places left in Europe where English isn’t a sure thing. To get around like a local, to really know Rome, a working knowledge of Italian is essential. Most recent arrivals to the bel paese assume that learning a second language is similar to osmosis, that just being in Italy and drinking a daily cappuccino will magically lead to fluency. Magari! The best way to tackle a language is in the classroom, where qualified instructors skillfully guide you through Italian’s maze.

Kappa Language School Rome

Found in the heart of the Monti neighborhood, Kappa Language School is one of the city’s top Italian language-learning institutes. The school’s young and energetic staff (each instructor boasts a Siena university DITALS Certificate for teaching Italian as a foreign Language) are experts in imparting Italian in a lively, dynamic manner – forget stuffy textbooks and rote memorization. A slew of Italian language courses specifically tailored to the needs of each student, whether beginner or advanced, intensive courses or private tutoring, are offered; and the school also serves as a PLIDA Certification Center, where both preparatory lessons for the PLIDA and CELI exams are held as well as the exams themselves. Students can also acquire the A2 Certificate via Kappa. Moreover, a wide variety of online classes, also held in a time suitable for overseas attendees, is offered.

Italian Language School for Foreigners Roma
kappa online italian courses

Above all, the school embodies that teaching is an act of love: that while it requires preparation, patience, and dedication, sharing Italian ultimately enriches the student, and opens up the city and its people, culture, and traditions to them.
Kappa’s location in Monti is also worth mentioning. Packed with artisan boutiques, authentic restaurants, and plenty of cool bars, Monti is one of the city’s hippest neighborhoods. It’s also centrally located (Metro B Cavour) and a short walk from the Colosseum. The school smartly takes advantage of its real estate, and plans plenty of aperitivi in the area. Kappa also provides guided tours, dinners, cooking classes, picnics and other additional activities for students that invite them to put their Italian language skills to the test beyond the classroom and have fun while they’re at it.

In order to ensure the safety of all students and staff, classrooms at Kappa Language School are equipped with HEPA air purifiers.

Italian Language School for Foreigners Roma


Promo “Italiano Serale” for Absolute Beginners

€ 260 instead of € 320 all inclusive!

Their Evening Italian language classes Italiano Serale are the solution for those who need to learn Italian but don’t have time to attend resident Italian Language Classes during the day.

Duration: 40 hours
Frequency: 2 times a week / Monday and Tuesday or Wednesday and Thursday
Schedule: from 7 pm to 9 pm


Promo “Italiano Standard” for Absolute Beginners

Their Standard Italian Language Courses are the ideal choice for those who want to study Italian Language with a daily and extended schedule. During the course, their Italian Language Teachers offer lessons focused on communicative skills and on Italian Culture and lifestyle. Specific preparation for the PLIDA exam is also offered.


€ 250 instead of € 300 all inclusive!

: 40 hours of lessons
Frequency: every day, from Monday to Friday
Schedule: 2 hours of lesson per day


€ 480 instead of € 580 all inclusive!

Duration: 80 hours of lessons
Frequency: every day, from Monday to Friday
Schedule: 2 hours of lesson per day

Click here to see their online Italian language courses

Kappa Language School ROme

KAPPA LANGUAGE SCHOOL – Italian Language School for Foreigners

Via del Boschetto, 32 – Roma (Monti)


+393331043433 (whatsapp)

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