Libreria Emporio Gusto (CLOSED)

Libreria Emporio Gusto Rome cookbook store

A Bookshop in Rome dedicated to cookbooks, cake design and kitchenware

Since 1998, Emporio Libreria di Gusto has been a concept store and bookshop in the centre of Rome dedicated to lovers of cooking and beautiful kitchenware.
This bookstore, which is the best equipped in the genre of cooking in Rome and Italy, offers a discerning selection of over 2,000 titles: cookbooks, recipe books, books on wine, desserts, regional Italian and international cuisine, foreign language recipe books, chef greats and industry magazines.

In the various corners of the space, cookbooks and objects are arranged by culinary theme. The sections dedicated to the preparation and cooking of food offer a selection of brands among the most prestigious in the world of kitchenware (such as Alessi, Ballarini, Bialetti, Barazzoni). Aluminium, cast iron, steel and copper pans, non-stick products, stone frying pans, silicone molds and ceramic knifes.

They also boast a vast array of objects for the wine lover – utensils to open, decant, serve and conserve fine wine. In the area dedicated to pastry you can find silicon and aluminium molds for preparing cakes, biscuits, macaroons, muffins, chocolates. While over in the tea and coffee section there are cups, teapots, kettles, sugar and honey containers. Naturally they are not without stylish design-focused homewares for the table, the garden and outdoor areas: crockery, cutlery, glassware, aprons, dishcloths, lanterns, candles, perfumes, little tables, lamps, trays and mor



Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 7 (Ara Pacis)

Opening time

Mon-Thur: 10.30am-8pm

Fri-Sat: 10.30am-9pm


+39 06.3236363

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