Di Pietra in Pietra: the not-to-miss mosaic exhibition in Trastevere

Mosaico Conciliazione Roma: Buy Mosaic Works in Rome

Mosaico Conciliazione Roma: mosaic works in Rome

Dive into the world of mosaics from October 1st to October 6th in Trastevere’s very own “Il Laboratorio” art gallery with Mosaico Conciliazione Roma’s “Di Pietra in Pietra” exhibition. For a week, you’ll have the possibility to admire an amazing collection of mosaics made by a group of six Italian women from a mosaic laboratory born 15 years ago in Via della Conciliazione.

Six women with very different stories, whose paths have crossed thanks to their common passion for the art of mosaic-making. More than 40 mosaics will be on display during the exhibition – from sculptures and table bases, to wall and frame mosaics. Each artwork has been created either individually by the artists, or as a collective work, and features different styles ranging from classic to modern and contemporary.

Combining talent and imagination, this group of friends has created unique mosaics that have found their rightful place in Italy and around the world. All six artists of Mosaico Conciliazione Roma live and work in the Eternal City: Giada has a biology degree and a specialisation in agronomy and currently manages a family farm in Tuscania; Laila is a political science graduate who collaborated in an accounting firm before devoting herself entirely to the creation of mosaics; Mariangela is responsible for organizing events and managing the communication of different structures; Priscilla is an entrepreneur and works in the family company leader in the distribution of books; Flavia manages a hotel in the heart of the historic center belonging to her family since 1839; while Marilù is the artist who has been making mosaics for the longest, the one who inspired everyone to embark on this journey of mosaic-making, allowing the group to work in her splendid studio.

Mosaico Conciliazione Roma: Buy Mosaic Works in Rome

Today, they all collaborate in the realisation of mosaics and make up a fast-paced and cohesive team that works on commission. One of their current works is a 6.5m by 2.5m mosaic of the most important monuments of ancient Rome that will be placed in a luxury hotel to be opened in Rome soon.

Whether you’re on the hunt for Byzantine and Roman mosaics or modern mosaics inspired by contemporary artists, Mosaico Conciliazione Roma creates mosaics perfect for all settings. From beautiful outdoor furnishings for patios, terraces and gardens – easy to maintain and resistant over time – to unique interior furnishings ranging from wall and floor mosaics, to paintings, tables, picture frames and interior design accessories.


Drop by “Il Laboratorio” art gallery to admire these beautiful one-of-a-kind mosaic works. If you’re also interested in purchasing a mosaic or having a custom-made mosaic for your home, talk to one of the six artists or send your request via email. Realisation times vary and depend on the type of design you choose, the size of the tessere, or mosaic tiles, (the smaller they are, the longer it takes) and the type of technique used to create the mosaic.

Mosaico Conciliazione Roma: Buy Mosaic Works in Rome

Mosaico Conciliazione Roma: Buy Mosaic Works in Rome

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to meet the 6 artists, discover their work and get a deeper understanding of the ancient art of mosaic-making! Save the date for the official inauguration on Wednesday, October 2nd at 5.30pm.


Via del Moro, 49 (Trastevere)

Opening time

Tuesday- Friday 11.30am – 9pm

Saturday – Sunday 11am – 9pm

Entry Fee






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