Time Travel Rome: The Roman Empire in your pocket

Time Travel Rome: Roman history itineraries around the world

History and archeology lovers, this one’s for you. If you’re looking for Roman works in Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa you might no longer need a tour guide. A new app doles out extensive details on around 3,000 must-see Roman sights all around the world. It’s called “Time Travel Rome”, and is free for iPhone and Android users. It lays out a laundry list of monuments, cities, and historical areas. The app presents this list of notable niches famous from the Roman Empire on one giant map. Its layout is similar to Google Maps, but unlike Google Maps, most of the app’s aspects can be accessed with no internet.

The app’s purpose is to provide users with wide-ranging reports to pertinent places such as the Vatican Obelisk or the City of Brescia. One more thing you won’t have to think of are directions! No more getting lost trying to find a monument, Time Travel Rome provides directions to several significant sights within a five-meter radius and calculates the shortest route to get there. Sought-out sights are ranked with four or five stars, and its ranking is based on historical highlights and visual vibrancy. The town Pompei currently contains five stars which means it’s a place people praise.

Time Travel Rome History App

Users can also use the app’s “ancient texts” section and find full English versions of about 300 ancient Roman readings.  A translated speech from 52 B.C. called “Cicero, For Milo” is one of the many ancient texts on the app. Readings from the app such as history and poetry are translated into English. Other readings allow readers to dive deep into mythological texts from ancient Rome. Time Travel Rome also allows its users to search through a large swath of those texts offline.

If users don’t like the app’s pre-generated lists, they can shuffle through the hundreds of must-see sights and ancient texts to personalize their own travel itinerary and library list. To get a hold of this feature  you need the upgraded version of the app which will only set you back $7.99. The upgraded version allows users to share any proprietary content of the App with friends and family on social media.

Users who want to stick with the free demo though can get even more knowledge of Roman sights by checking out nearby museums listed on the app. Time Travel Rome points out museums in each area that contain Roman art. This feature allows people to gain more insight into Roman works without purchasing the full app. Museo Borghese is a museum in Rome and is listed on the app which provides people with an opportunity to gain more information on ancient Roman sights.

Time Travel Rome is an app that allows its users to place the Roman Empire in their pocket. To download this application, visit your Google Play or Apple Store on your mobile device.

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