Delivering Healthy Food Right to your Doorstep

When you’re living in Rome, constantly surrounded by the temptation of pizza, gelato and those countless, delicious carbs, you realize keeping a healthy diet is, to put it mildly, a difficult task. Enter UBKitchen, a catering company created for those who want to eat clean and train mean. The company is the brainchild of Nadir Scelsi who combined his love of sports and good food to create a service that prepares healthy, balanced meals and delivers them to gyms and even straight to your home. While their service was created by athletes and for athletes, it’s also meant for those who are simply tired of eating heavy, caloric meals.


The menu offers a variety of meal prep dishes that you can order the day before. A popular favorite is “The Green Sea,” a dish with mackerel, chicory and green beans with a whopping protein count of 39 grams and only 594 calories. The “Jumping Jack,” meanwhile, consists of escarole sauteed with pine nuts, brown rice, and grilled turkey. These recipes and others are great for those of you doing the dreaded calorie count – after all, you’re getting all of the flavor of a satisfying meal without having to worry too much about going overboard. Each dish is specially prepared in accordance with specifications from a nutritionist and chef, so you can say goodbye to bland diet food. They also offer a vegetarian menu and plan to include a vegan menu in the future. Last but not least, any orders made from certain gyms and fitness centers (including CrossFit) are discounted by 15%.

Orders can be made before 5pm the day before the delivery date. The delivery service operates from Monday to Friday, from 11a to 1.30pm at UBKitchen affiliate points and Sunday and Wednesday from 6pm to 9pm only as a home delivery service, except Saturdays.




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