Streets of Rome: Via dei Coronari

Via dei Coronari in Rome

A peaceful street beside Piazza Navona full of shops for antiques, clothing, and food

Right in the center of Rome and next to Piazza Navona lies the beautiful street, Via dei Coronari. It is tucked away with shops for antiques, jewelry, clothing, and food! A nice stroll on this street is just what you need. Its location makes it easy for you to stop by as you make your way to see all the attractions of Rome. Though right in the busy center, this street has a more peaceful and quiet scene. Stop by to grab a bite of food or read in a cafe. There is even a piazza and fountain if you just want to sit and enjoy the view. Stop by this lovely and quaint street when you’re in Rome!

Via dei Coronari in Rome
This not-so-narrow street is also vehicle and pedestrian friendly. Fashion enthusiasts, travelers, and locals alike can enjoy a nice walk or stroll from end to end.
Via dei Coronari in Rome
As you stroll along the street you will find that on most corners just above the old-fashioned street lights, there are intricately designed religious sculptures. This unique feature is part of Via dei Coronari’s charm.
Il Pastaio di Roma, located at 102/103, sells homemade pasta ready for takeaway or dine in.
Le Coronarie is a bistro, located at 95/96/97, where you can find sandwiches, salads, and sweets!
Milena Tanca, located at 33, is a historic shop that specializes in modern art and antiques, while also offering appraisals and expertise.
Manufactus Made in Italy, located at 218, is a handmade bookbinding shop with leather goods, notebooks, office supplies, and more!
Audrey Shop is a charming Italian boutique with stylish pieces of clothing and is located at 113.
Vestopazzo, located at 17, is an Italian brand that offers a variety of jewelry and accessories.
Art Atelier, located at 9, is an art gallery displaying beautiful oil paintings made on watercolours, sculptures, and marble.
I Supplì dei Coronari, at 25, has traditional snacks like supplì, but also pasta and paninis!
Creart Roma, located at 111, is a high-level craftsmanship store that sells handmade ceramics that replicate figures and artifacts of Roman history.
Bruschini Tanca Antichità, located at 8, is an antique shop and one of the few that showcase Art Nouveau.
If you’re looking to dine-in and enjoy some Italian food stop by Quelli de’ Coronari, located at 233. 
Casa Elfrida, at 192, sells colorful pieces of clothing with intricate patterns along with accessories. It’s your ultimate destination for the trendiest clothing and accessories!
Kouki Vetro Soffiato is a shop showcasing blown glass works carefully handcrafted by glass masters themselves. It’s one of the many interesting places to visit along Via dei Coronari located at number 26.
Kouki, at 213, has a wide selection of intricate carpets and rugs to choose from, while also offering cleaning services.
Casa e Bottega is a restaurant café located at number 183. It’s a cute and cozy place to chill and dine with friends.
 If you want gelato, Gelateria del Teatro has it for you! This is one of the best gelateria in town.
Via dei Coronari at night
Via dei Coronari at night
Scorcio dalla via dei coronari at night
Via dei Coronari at night

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